Chris Bilborough

CEO, Founder

As the Chief Visionary Bloke behind what promises to be the most diverse and benevolent marketing system the world has seen, Chris Bilborough, always thought it would happen if you make it happen!

Chris empathizes with the French poet Victor Hugo’s contention that:
“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”.

As a true visionary, opportunity taker and long-term strategist, Chris knows beyond any reasonable doubt that the time has now come for Rewards4Earth and the evolutionary Erth Points System to profoundly impact the way business is transacted whilst simultaneously empowering communities and benefiting the planet.

Chris is a direct communicator and long-term strategist whose exceptional business pedigree not only created Rewards4Earth but 25 years ago revolutionized the way investment property was marketed and sold, creating a precedent in financial services law along the way.

With more than 40 years of diverse leadership experience in strategic analysis, planning and management, Chris is one of the few people in the world that can craft and articulate crazy new ideas and implement strategies that maximize commercial opportunities.

Chris was not only a trailblazing pioneer in marketing investment properties but is now the major driver of Rewards4Earth and the Erth Points System. This is not only revolutionary in the crypto world but is set to revolutionize the marketing and business worlds, by making crypto useful and adding more value to everyday purchases than any business in history. Erth Points bring crypto into the business world and are the only digital currency that has true real-world value and use.

As the Chief Visionary Bloke at Rewards4Earth, Chris has an Erth Points Dream rhetorically asking: Will I see it because I believe it?

Chris also connects with the sentiments of Winston Churchill who said: “I felt as if I were walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial”. Chris doesn’t for a moment think he would replicate the achievements of Winston Churchill but he knows that every hardship, every argument, every setback, every court case, and every fight he has endured up until now has prepared him to transform the Erth Points System into reality.
Chris’s unnerving, tenacious and resilient attitude enabled him to design and work through all of the practical, economic, and compliance problems to make the global Erth Points System operational.

So, read the story Erth Points dream in Chris’s own words:

Sadly, most businesses will never pay to repair our environment, even if repairing the environmental damage that modern life and commerce cause, is the right thing to do.

The first big problem to solve was -WHY would businesses pay to fix the environment? My marketing background solved that, businesses always want customers, they already spend trillions on marketing and advertising every year worldwide. What is even more valuable to the business, which my property marketing taught me, is that businesses hate paying for marketing, what they are happy to pay for is sales. Businesses would rather pay double or triple for results rather than an ad which is only a chance of making a sale, which is why businesses only pay Erth Marketing if they make a sale (after the initial setup fee).

The second problem was – WHERE do we get all the users for the system. That was solved by designing the system to share the revenue with CCCs (Clubs, Churches, Charities & Not-for-profits) using Erth Points as the medium. As CCCs can earn $3 per Supporter every week from the Supporters’ everyday spending, they have a lot of motivation to get their Supporters to use the system and that will be the same globally, almost everyone supports a CCC.

The other big question was – HOW do we get the system to be able to operate globally in every business in every country in a legally compliant manner? After creating a precedent in financial services law with my biggest court case against the ACCC, which you will note we won 55 out of 57 points of law in the main trial as well as the last 2 on appeal (I didn’t appeal them, but they were won), a clean sweep. As well as having my very own personal law in Queensland Consumer law after I beat the Queensland government in court, which the Queensland Government overturned with a retrospective law that only applies to me, you could say I have a unique understanding of compliance issues relating to fair trading and financial services, and that is what enabled me to solve the problems for Erth Points.

The biggest issue was with the USA and its SEC which has a different interpretation of what security is, and therefore what a crypto-currency is than most countries in the world. The issue came down to two precedents in law, the Forman Precedent, and the other being what they call the Howie Test. Once I was able to think through those with my own unique perspective, it enabled me to design a system that would keep the Erth Points System compliant with SEC law and we now have a legal opinion to back that up.

That puts Erth Points in a very unique and elite club for crypto currencies with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as fellow members in this NON-Security club. The only difference is that Erth is the only one that creates demand from potentially every transaction from every business to every customer in the world, and that is what I believe should propel Erth Points to be the most used and largest crypto in the world.
All those battles and unwanted lessons enabled me to create a fully functioning ecosystem that delivers value to customers (crypto), businesses (sales), CCCs (passive income) and to fund the reparation of our environmental problems from every sale in the world hopefully.

That brings me back to one of my favourite quotes and authors: “You will see it when you believe it”, by Wayne Dyer who passed away just a few years ago. That quote is something that helped me rebuild after losing everything after the Newcastle earthquake. It was the first book I purchased after moving to Queensland with just a few thousand dollars in my pocket and zero confidence, funnily enough the city where my biological parents planned to live. After reading that book, I believed I could make enough money to own a private jet by changing the way investment real estate was sold and purchased in Australia, I did both within 8-years.

The Erth Points System enables part of every dollar spent at every business to go towards the reparation of our environmental problems, all made possible with our patented blockchain technology. We do not get into arguments about climate change and how much is caused by nature and how much is caused by man, or even the benefits of veganism. But rather that mankind causes a lot of environmental damage, nobody can argue with that, and that is what we the Rewards4Earth Foundation is all about repairing.

Please don’t get me wrong, we are not mad greenies who say to leave the coal in the ground, although that is a great dream, it is never going to happen while we need it to produce steel and also electricity. Until we have alternatives to produce steel and electricity, coal will be mined and burnt and for those that think solar, and wind will solve those issues, you may want to look at all the issues the mining, production and recycling of solar panels and windmills, and the batteries also needed causes, before you suggest that is the miracle solution.

I believe that Erth Points can change the way businesses attract customers and save the planet at the same time, maybe I am crazy, or it might be like Steve Jobs said, that it’s only the crazy ones that can change the world, I am definitely a rebel if nothing else, time will tell.