Discretionary Beneficiary Policy - Rewards4Earth

Rewards4Earth (R4E) offers Not for Profit (NFP) organisations such as registered Clubs, Charities, Churches, Schools and other NFP organisations the opportunity to become a Discretionary Beneficiary (DB) of the R4E system by receiving Erth™ points as part of a financial transaction. Please be aware that we do NOT allow Political parties or organisations, terrorist or illegal organisations that are discriminatory to race, gender or colour, nor do we all organisations that destroy property or businesses to become a DB and we reserve the right to remove any organisation as a DB at any time or reason.
The Participating Business (PB) purchases Erth Points when a Participating Member (PM) purchases goods or services from that PB and a portion of those Erth Points are gifted to the member, the Rewards4Earth Foundation, the Ambassador network and also to an authorised NFP as the DB The PM can nominate through their R4E App where the DB proportion or discretionary points portion can be transferred to, which means any authorised DB that has been approved by R4E as an authorised DB.
An authorised DB is granted authorisation at the discretion of R4E and any NFP can be rejected on any grounds that R4E thinks are satisfactory which may include grounds such as concern the organisation may be involved in the inciting or the funding of any illegal activity nationally as well as internationally. R4E reserves the right to cancel the membership of any DB for any reason that it thinks reasonable including racial or religious hatred or the inciting of violence, rioting, any illegal activity or any other reason. R4E does not have to give reasons to the NFP for any closure of the accounts and will work with and cooperate with law enforcement to close down any NFP or business or individual or organisation that is thought to be or is breaking the law and no correspondence will be entered into.
R4E is a non-political, non-racial, non-religious, international organisation that is working for the good of the planet and the planets ability to support itself and not for any other cause. The main beneficiary of the Rewards4Earth™ Foundation and the R4E system is planet Earth through POLECER –

  • Plastic capture and recycle
  • Ocean rejuvenation
  • Local causes such as Drought, Bush-fire and Flood in Australia
  • Clean energy technology
  • Environmental education
  • Reforestation worldwide

R4E does not support any other organisation or cause and reserves the right to reject or cancel any DB or NFP which it in its sole discretion does not align with these causes at any time whether they have been authorised previously or not.
R4E does not enable commercial businesses or entities the ability to be a beneficiary in most circumstances, however, we will look at special cases where a commercial organisation is benefitting the planet or communities or for other special circumstances. The authorisation of one commercial organisation is on a one-off basis and does not mean it will authorise other organisations even if they are similar in operation.
R4E goes to great lengths to comply with all KYC, AML and also anti-terrorist legislation throughout the world and may interpret those laws in a manner that may rule out certain organisations because of the many different international jurisdictions in which it operates.