Duke Bilborough

Director of Security, best friend of the Founder

Duke is a valued team member and oversees the Erth Points Teams’ safety and security protocol in the front and back offices as well as anything in between. Essentially, Duke is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the company’s assets, as well as the welfare of employees (especially those that smell right) within the company’s premises. Duke normally meets and greets visitors at the entry with either a smile, frown or growl. Duke conducts frequent inspections on the company’s property to identify fire, safety, sanitation and security risks. Duke enjoys freely travelling throughout the property to relieve himself and take in the many fragrances circulating within the boundary of the premises.
Duke has excellent management, supervisory, analytical and non-verbal communication skills. When on duty like many of his co-workers Duke claims to be flat-out, spending prolonged periods of time lying horizontally at the bottom of his Founders’ desk. When bored he seeks out attention, constantly believing it is everyone’s job to pat him. Duke is extremely photogenic and loves appearing spontaneously in cameo roles during any filming on site.
Duke has however been reported for bullying numerous times after forcing the boss into taking him for a walk every single day, Duke is not concerned as he claims the anti-bullying people are all bark and no bite.
Duke has had a tumultuous childhood & adolescence and since being rescued from the local pound has successfully avoided being euthanized this alone has given him a new lease of life and he looks forward to his daily walks, meals, and ablutions with optimism and hope. Like the rest of the Erth Points Team, Duke looks forward to putting his best paw/foot forward to empowering communities and saving the planet for many years to come!