Rewards4Earth App on the mobile phone

1. The sporting club, charity, church or not-for-profit, registers & the Rewards4Earth ™ App can be branded with their logo so they benefit from all sales via EPPIC.
2. Every business that wants more sales joins free, and they only PAY-per-SALE using Erth ™ points – more supporters, means more businesses will want to be part of it.
3. Businesses are already spending big money on advertising and marketing; we enable them to save money. Plus, the business would rather give their customers, the local sporting Clubs and the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation the money, rather than send it to the advertising companies, especially if they only PAY-per-SALE.
4. The business does not have to do anything extra; it all happens through the App, the customer simply registers through the App, and our Patented Technology takes care of the rest by matching the Club, the Supporter and the Sale from the Business.
5. Businesses get huge benefits, more supporters mean more sales, which means the business saves on advertising/marketing and only has a PAY-per-SALE cost which means they only pay when they have received the money, it is also tax deductible.
6. The business does not have to pay for elusive clicks, website visits or even brand building advertising, they only pay for actual sales, that alone is a game changer.
7. The business can also show how they are fulfilling their CSR and Environmental obligations via local Clubs, charities and the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation.


1. The supporters spend money like they normally do, the App’s search function allows supporters to find businesses where they can earn Erth ™ points. They can search out special offers and even get directions to the business.
2. The Club can also send free “Push Notifications” to their VIP supporters that opt-in, offering discounts on unsold game tickets or merchandise.
3. Once the supporter has become a VIP customer of a particular business, they can receive special offer “Push Notifications”, from that business also, free.
4. Upon a sale the customer is gifted Erth ™ points, the customer collects the same points from all participating business, enabling the customer and the Club to earn more points more quickly. The customers know they are helping themselves, like they do with other loyalty points, but withErth ™ points they are also helping their favourite sporting Club and they are also helping to fix the planet at the same time, they all get the same amount of Erth ™ points.
5. Instead of spending advertising/marketing money on elusive clicks and website visits, the business gets all of that free, and only PAYS-per-SALE when they have the money. The Erth ™ points are gifted almost instantaneously to the customer/supporter, using the magic of our Patented Technology, similar speed to a credit card payment.
6. By enabling Erth ™ point redemptions as a payment option, the Club is receiving Erth ™ points that were collected from other businesses. The Club is now receiving money from another business’s advertising/marketing budget, that is only possible through EPPIC.

THE PLANET Every transaction helps the planet through the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation


1. The customer is happy because they potentially saved money and got a better deal, plus they received Erth™ loyalty points and supported their favourite Club.
2. The Business is happy because they got a sale they would not have had, that cost them less in marketing/advertising, and they only had to PAY-per-SALE, and they chose the amount of Erth ™ points they gift, minimum 1% of the sale price in total.
3. The sporting Club is also happy as they got the same amount of Erth ™ points as the customer, which they accumulate and sell back to other businesses, so that those businesses can attract new customers and make more sales. Thereby creating a real commercially viable ecosystem for Erth ™ points through EPPIC. This is something which no other crypto currency has, real world use and actual user demand. Who are the actual users of Bitcoin or any other token? Which business uses them for something, anything? Making Erth ™ points very unique, as there is real demand from real world businesses who want to support Clubs and get more sales.
4. The customer could also elect to give their points to the Club if desired, doubling the Clubs cut on every sale.
5. The added benefit is that everyone is helping to save the planet, as the planet gets Erth ™ points from every transaction, that money goes to POLECER –
a. Plastic capture and recycle
b. Ocean clean-up and rejuvenation
c. Local Cause such as Drought, Bushfire and Flood in Australia
d. Endangered Species Preservation
e. Clean Energy Technology
f. Education of people and businesses on helping to fix the planet
g. Reforestation and tree planting globally

OUR SEVEN PILLARS Part of every dollar spent goes to saving the planet