Josh Smith

Social Media Guru

As the official Social Media Guru at Rewards4Earth Josh is an inherently curious and imaginative individual whose genuine nature has a desire to see positive change in the world through intentional improvements in the choices people make! Josh has a tradie background and loves the building process of seeing something start from thought and develop into something that has a purpose. Josh sees clear parallels between this philosophy and Rewards4Earth and the Erth Points.
Josh is currently working on what he calls “my degree in life” and as a self-proclaimed social media nut he has spent the past couple of years helping people with Instagram creations and importantly, developing his own brand: Gut Education. This idea was spawned by his own health journey and a desire to see the change in himself and others.
Josh’s goal now is to work towards a “chain of change” that will radiate around the world. In conjunction with Josh’s other passions for business and inspirational brand identity, he is truly excited to be working with the team at Rewards4Earth to make this dream a reality. The ultimate aim is to leave the world in a better place than when we arrived!