Steve Eccles

Chief Technology & Compliance Officer, Co Founder

Steve Eccles has a multi-faceted role with Rewards4Earth spearheading the technology and compliance arm of the organisation.  With over 30 years of IT, and industry experience Steve has developed best practice engineering design and construction methods for sustainable growth in a diverse range of sectors. Steve has senior management experience across blockchain, corporate compliance, solar technology, manufacturing, printed circuit and engineering industries.
Steve’s specialties are distributed ledger, smart contracts, exchange tokens, corporate compliance, renewable energy design, additive manufacture, business development, engineering, project management, design systems and product development, product design & testing, parametric solid modelling, finite element analysis, GIS, laser deposition modelling, LiDAR capture drone, blockchain, ASIC mining, corporate governance and compliance in the environmental remediation space.
Steve has meticulously and professionally overseen the successful growth of Rewards4Earth and the Earth Points System and like the rest of the team is committed to empowering communities and benefiting the planet through innovative customer-centric technology and processes.