Erth Points Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions for Erth Ambassadors

How the Erth Point Loyalty System works?

1) The Erth Point Loyalty System delivers customers to Businesses (Merchants) on a PAY-per-SALE and CLICKS-are-FREE basis.
a) The Erth Point Marketing System is both a Customer Attraction and Customer Loyalty System to attract Customers and keep all customers coming back again and again.
b) The system operates on the fact; Merchants happily pay to acquire customers as evidenced by the Trillions already spent globally on advertising and marketing every year.
c) The system enables part of every sale (PAY-per-SALE Marketing fee) from every Merchant to every Customer to go toward repairing the damage inflicted upon the planet from our everyday spending via the Rewards4Earth Foundation and its POLECER mandate.
d) Merchants happily pay for the acquisition of a customer to look at their website via a click and are generally prepared to pay more for a guaranteed sale (PAY-per-SALE).
2) ECO – Environmental and/or Community Organisations are willing to provide their Supporters as customers on a PAY-per-SALE and CLICKS-are-FREE basis to enable the ECO to earn an ongoing residual income from their Supporter’s everyday spending and shopping; while simultaneously benefitting their Supporters to potentially get a better deal and earn Erth Points.
a) A ECO cannot be an Erth Ambassador as an Erth Ambassador has to be a person and complete the Erth Ambassador course to ensure they understand their requirements as an Erth Ambassador and what they can and cannot say regarding Erth Points.
3) Supporters are happy to collect Erth Points to benefit themselves and to potentially get a better deal from Merchants. Supporters understand that Erth Points also go to support their Nominated ECO and to help save the planet giving the Supporter triple the contribution.
4) The Supporter (Customer) their nominated ECO and the planet (via the Rewards4Earth Foundation) each receive the same number and percentage of Erth Points, being 30% of the gifted Erth Points which are pre-purchased by the Merchant or via the Erth Points REACTS (Rewards4Earth Automated Card Transaction Service) marketing system.
5) We recruit Merchants and ECOs using the Erth Ambassador network who also receive a lesser value of Erth Points being 10% of the gifted Erth Points.
6) All MLM companies enable the Ambassador to earn a small portion of the sale over multiple levels from one business. Erth™ Ambassadors can earn a small portion of the sale over multiple levels from potentially every business on the planet!
7) Erth Point’s REACTS marketing system ensures Merchants receive $33.33 in sales for every $1 spent in the REACTS system if the minimum 3% PAY-per-SALE fee is utilised.
8) Merchants can use their own loyalty or utilise the loyalty of far larger organisations and attract the Supporters of ECOs as their customers.
a) As part of the REACTS marketing fee goes to the ECO via Erth Points, this incentivises the ECO to provide their Supporters as Customers in return for a passive residual income.
9) The Erth Point System keeps customers coming back again and again by gifting Erth Points to the Customer (Customer Loyalty), the Customer’s nominated ECO (Larger Loyalty and Social Responsibility) and the Planet (Environmental Responsibility), using one or all three payment delivery methods used by the Patented Erth Point Marketing system –
a) The REACTS marketing system operates when a REACTS registered debit/credit card is used with a REACTS registered payment terminal.
b) Once this notification is sent to REACTS, this enables Erth Points to be purchased on electronic exchanges and then gifted to the Supporter and all other parties automatically without any extra procedures or effort from the Merchant’s cashier.
i) It is important to note that no money is taken from the transaction, the funds needed to operate the system are taken from the REACTS marketing balance that is prepaid by the Merchant.
ii) Registration of the card and the terminal is needed for us to match data to enable the REACTS system to be notified a transaction is taking place, at what value and time to ensure the correct amount of Erth™ Points are gifted, and for reconciliation purposes for all parties.
iii) The REACTS Erth Marketing Credit must be purchased in advance; $50 credit is provided with the $220 Merchant joining fee. Once the balance falls below $20 the Merchant must top up their Marketing Balance and the minimum purchase amount is $50 worth of REACTS prepaid marketing services.
c) With cash, direct deposit, or other payment methods, the Erth™ Point BIZ App must be used to gift Erth Points to the Customer (Supporter) and all other parties.
(1) Erth Points must be purchased in advance, $50 worth of Erth Points are credited to the Erth Point BIZ App from the $220 Merchant joining fee. Once the balance of Erth Points falls below $20 if is required that the Merchant purchase more Erth Points with the minimum purchase amount being $50 worth.
d) Using the Erth Point API shopping cart (checkout for online sales) which enables Erth Points to be automatically credited to all parties upon checkout (Coming soon).
i) The API uses the REACTS Erth Marketing Services advance payment system and deducts the fee from the REACTS credited account and Erth Points are gifted to all parties via the REACTS system.
10) It is recommended that the Merchant purchase enough REACTS and Erth Points to cover sales for at least one week to ensure continuity of Erth Point Marketing services rather than spending time and effort to purchase them more frequently.
a) The Merchant can purchase the Minimum $50 worth of Erth Points or enough for many years’ worth of marketing, it is the Merchants choice.
b) The Merchant can also purchase the minimum $50 worth of REACTS pre-paid marketing services or enough for many years in advance, that is a decision for the merchant.
c) Merchants should obtain their own tax advice as to the tax deductibility of both Erth Points and REACTS marketing services based on their own individual situations.
11) Because Erth Points can be earned and spent internationally, and therefore will be traded internationally, their value will continually fluctuate.
a) Down in value like traditional loyalty reward points which disadvantages the holder, and
b) Up in value to benefit the holder (customers), unlike any loyalty reward point we have ever known.
c) The value of Erth Points is determined by supply and demand ascertained by international digital exchanges.
12) A ECO earns Erth Points when one of the ECO’s supporters who has nominated that ECO purchases from a Merchant where Erth Points are earned. All Erth Points are gifted using the magic of REACTS, our API or the BIZ App and its ground-breaking technology.
a) The ECO can sell their Erth Points as desired on exchanges to Merchants who need to purchase them to reward customers and ECOs for making a sale creating a financially viable ecosystem.
13) ErthMarketing Pty Ltd, the Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd (Charity) and other companies from the Rewards4Earth Group operate the Erth Point Loyalty Reward Program.
14) The Erth Point system enlists Supporters from ECOs by enabling the ECO to share in the advertising and marketing revenue, thereby monetising the loyalty of their Supporters (Customers) in the form of a passive residual income, created from every transaction made to a supporter at a participating Merchant where Erth Points are earned.
a) The system simultaneously benefits and thereby encourages the ECOs Supporters (Customers) to shop at participating Merchants by –
i) gifting them Erth Loyalty Points
ii) helping them to find great deals from participating Merchants.
iii) Gifting the Supporters nominated ECO Erth Points and from that a residual income
iv) Gifting Erth points to the Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd to assist with the POLECER mandate to repair the planet (see below).
15) Erth Points can be earned at any participating Merchant in the world and spent at any Merchant in the world that accepts them. The system is designed to benefit all Merchants that use the system rather than benefit any specific Merchant, like normal loyalty points do.
16) Merchants pay ErthMarketing Pty Ltd for delivering a customer and sale on a PAY-per-SALE basis to that Merchant. ErthMarketing Pty Ltd keeps 20% of the marketing funds to operate the REACTS Erth Point System and uses 80% of the funds to purchase Erth Points and then gift those Erth Points to participating parties.
17) From the Erth Points purchased ErthMarketing will gift Erth Points to the following parties as part of the Erth Point Loyalty are: –
a) The Supporter (Customer) – 30%
b) The Supporter’s nominated ECO – 30% (Subject to terms and conditions)
c) The Planet via the Rewards4Earth Foundation. – 30%
d) The Erth Ambassador Network – 10%
e) Merchants benefit by converting the ECO Supporters into Customers, enabling the Merchants to make more sales
f) ECOs benefit by collecting Erth Points and then using them to purchase from participating Merchants or selling the Erth Points for local currency back to Merchants via exchanges.
g) It is important to note that neither the Merchant nor the supporter gifts or donates any Erth Points or money to the ECO and it is only a nomination by the Supporter to ErthMarketing that influences ErthMarketing as to where it will gift Erth Points. Having said that we endeavour to gift money to where the supporter nominates and will only stop or reduce the proceeds to the ECO if it can be shown that the ECO is squandering, misappropriating, or is receiving funds in excess of the ECO’s needs.
h) The ECO understands and agrees that it can only be gifted points as per the terms and conditions set out in the ECO agreement.
i) The ECO understands that it cannot be an Erth Ambassador.
j) ErthMarketing and Rewards4Earth reserve the right to alter the percentages at any time to preserve the integrity of the system and keep the system repairing the planet.
18) Example from a $200 transaction (Sale) where the Merchant pays 4% of the transaction to ErthMarketing for delivering them a customer and a Sale –
a) Total paid to ErthMarketing is 4% of $200 = $8 for delivering a Customer (Supporter) and more importantly revenue in the form of a sale.
b) ErthMarketing retains 20% of the $8 = $1.60 to run REACTS and all other parts of the Erth Point system.
c) The remaining 80% = $6.40 is used to purchase Erth Points from exchanges, which could be from ECOs that has been gifted their Erth™ Points or any other holder of Erth Points.
d) The $6.40 worth of Erth™ Points are then gifted from ErthMarketing to the following parties: –
i) The Supporter receives 30% = $1.92 worth of Erth Points
ii) The Supporter’s nominated ECO receives 30% = $1.92 worth of Erth Points subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
iii) The planet via the Rewards4Earth Foundation receives 30% = $1.92 worth of Erth Points which funds POLECER organisations to help repair the planet.
iv) The Erth Ambassador network receives 10% = $0.64 worth or Erth Points.
(1) The ECO cannot double dip and be an Erth Ambassador.
e) ErthMarketing and Rewards4Earth reserve the right to alter the percentages at any time to preserve the integrity of the system and keep the system repairing the planet.
19) Using our standard REACTS Merchants only PAY-per-SALE rather than per-CLICK excluding the initial establishment fee.
a) For cash sales, direct deposit or other types of payments not used on REACTS the Merchant will need to possess Erth™ Points which they can purchase from exchanges.
20) The patented Erth Point and Reacts technology ensures all 5-parties benefit –
a) the Supporter (customer) benefits,
b) the Merchant benefits,
c) the Supporters nominated ECO benefits,
d) the Erth Ambassadors benefit and
e) all parties help planet Earth by funding the reparation of our environmental problems.
21) A small part of every transaction from every Merchant to every Supporter in the Erth Point System will be used to fund environmental projects around the world and help save planet Earth from all the destruction mankind forces upon it. The Rewards4Earth Foundation’s key objectives through the POLCER mandate are: –
a) Plastic Reclamation and Recycling Worldwide,
b) Ocean Clean-up and Rejuvenation,
c) Local Causes (such as drought, fire, and flood relief in Australia),
d) Endangered Species Preservation,
e) Clean Energy Technology,
f) Education & Lobbying (on how we can all help save the Planet),
g) Reforestation and Tree Planting.
22) We operate under patents in accordance with the Patents Act 1990 (Cth) within the Commonwealth of Australia and the associated worldwide Patents.
23) ECOs and particularly Sports Clubs understand and agree that all money paid from the system is paid by ErthMarketing Pty Ltd and not from their supporters or Merchants the Supporters purchase from. As such the ECO will treat all money or Erth Points received from the Erth Point system as if it is sponsorship money retrospectively or as a capital gain from their Erth Points.
a) If as an example a Sports Club receives $100,000 from a naming rights sponsor, then the ECO hereby agrees to give Erth Points the equivalent benefits of promotion as it would any sponsor if ErthMarketing gives a similar $100,000 in gifts or donations to the ECO which is commensurate to paying $100,000 in sponsorship.
i) ErthMarketing may agree to a less prominent position on jerseys at ErthMarketing’s discretion if the received amounts are similar.
ii) If ErthMarketing is paying more than any other sponsor ErthMarketing requires that Erth Points be given the prominent promotion as any other main sponsor would receive from the Sports Club unless agreed by ErthMarketing.
24) The ECO agrees that they will give over any fair and reasonable information requested by ErthMarketing to establish the ECOs bona fides and need for money from ErthMarketing and the Erth Point system.
a) If the information requested by ErthMarketing is not received and/or approved by ErthMarketing, ErthMarketing may stop or decrease any funding to the ECO as it sees fit regardless of nominations made by any Supporters using the Erth Point System.
25) It is important to note that neither the Merchant nor the supporter gifts or donates any Erth Points or money to the ECO and it is only a nomination by the Supporter to ErthMarketing that influences ErthMarketing as to where it will gift money. Having said that we endeavour to gift money to where the supporter nominates and will only stop or reduce the proceeds to the ECO if it can be shown that the ECO is squandering, misappropriating, or is receiving funds in excess of the ECO’s needs.


Erth Ambassadors

Simplicity and Focus is the key to Success for an Erth™ Ambassador
We have a wonderful system, but it can seem complex. As such, we need to make it simple and easy for all parties to understand and join. The best way Erth™ Ambassadors can do this is by having each member type focus on what they do, which helps other parties to achieve their objectives. Our different stakeholders or member types are –
Erth™ Point Merchants – Objectives & Goals –
1. To make more sales – PRIMARY OBJECTIVE
2. Show they are supporting their local community.
3. Show they are living up to their environmental responsibility.
A Businessperson or manager has their own Merchant to manage and run. We need to help the Merchant reach these three goals in the simplest and easiest manner.
The Erth™ Ambassador’s role is to deliver to the Merchant their three objectives. This is best done by signing the Merchant up as a “Merchant” and not as an Erth™ Ambassador. The Merchant needs to manage their own business while benefitting from the Erth™ Point System, rather than divert time, energy, and resources away from their current business to focus on doing the job of an Erth™ Ambassador.
Erth™ Point ECO’s (Club, Church, or Charity) – Objectives & Goals –
1. To earn residual income from monetising their loyalty – PRIMARY OBJECTIVE
2. Support local Merchants, especially those owned by their Supporters.
3. Show they are living up to their environmental responsibility.
4. ECOs cannot be Erth Ambassadors.
The Erth™ Ambassador’s role is to deliver to the ECO their three objectives. This is best done by signing the ECO as an ECO and a “Merchant” (only if they already operate as a Merchant) and not as an Erth™ Ambassador. The ECO needs to run their own organisation while benefitting from the Erth™ Point System, rather than divert time, energy, and resources away from their current organisation to focus on doing the job of an Erth™ Ambassador.
Erth™ Ambassadors – Objectives & Goals –
1. To build their own residual income Merchant – PRIMARY OBJECTIVE
2. Help Merchants make more Sales.
3. Help Merchants get Customers to join the Erth Point System.
4. Help ECOs earn a residual income by monetising their loyalty.
5. Help ECOs get Supporters to join the Erth Point System.
6. Support their local community.
7. Help all parties to meet their environmental responsibilities.
The best way for an Erth™ Ambassador to reach their goals, is to be the best and most efficient Erth™ Ambassador they can be by helping Merchants, ECOs and other Erth™ Ambassadors to reach their PRIMARY OBJECTIVE.
The best way for an Erth™ Ambassador to reach their PRIMARY OBJECTIVE comes from being able to focus on being an Erth™ Ambassador, rather than having to try and be both an Erth™ Ambassador and manage another Merchant or ECO.
Erth™ Ambassadors helps Merchants and ECOs by installing the Erth™ Ambassador’s QR share code in as many places as possible within the Merchant or ECOs premises, websites and in communications, so more Supporters/Customers join the Erth Point System so all parties benefit.
If a Merchant wants to become an Erth™ Ambassador, they can do so. But this should not be the main objective of the Erth™ Ambassador.
1) Erth™ Ambassadors primary role is that of a HELPER –
a) To help Merchants make more sales.
b) To help Merchants recruit Customers to the Erth Point System.
c) To help Merchants meet their social and environmental obligations.
d) To help Causes such as Clubs, Churches, and Charities (ECOs) to earn a residual income.
e) To help ECOs to recruit their Supporters into the System.
f) To help ECOs recruit supporters that are Merchants.
g) To help other Erth™ Ambassadors to help and recruit all members.
h) To help Supporters to get a better deal and to earn Erth™ points.
i) To help all participants to repair the planet for the good of everyone.
2) This is a 5-WIN Scenario –
a) Supporters WIN
c) Merchants WIN
d) Planet Earth WINS, and
e) Erth™ Ambassadors WIN.
i) An Erth™ Ambassadors mission is to ensure all parties benefit from working together in a spirit of harmony for the benefit of everyone including Planet Earth.
3) Any member of the Erth Points Loyalty Program except a participating ECO is eligible to participate in the Erth Ambassador Program providing they are a registered Merchant using an ABN (Australian Business Number) or international equivalent registration which is accepted by ErthMarketing.
4) The Erth Ambassador program is designed to reward the Ambassadors for inspiring a Supporter, Merchant, ECO or ECO Supporter to become a member of and use the Erth Points System so that all parties benefit including planet earth.
5) An Erth Ambassador has their income capped at the equivalent of AUD$20,000 per week paid in Erth Points weekly at the prevailing market price on exchanges. Any Erth Points over this amount will go to the Rewards4Earth Foundation to help save the planet.
a) If the amount over the capped income becomes substantial the Ambassador can recommend charities or projects within the POLECER framework that the Ambassador would like to work with enabling the Ambassador to earn some kudos for the project.
6) Because of the advanced security that we use for all parties protection –
a) Please be aware that Ambassadors cannot use their own credit cards to pay for joining fees or marketing services for their clients as this may cause “red flags” to appear within the system in relation to AUSTRAC, APRA or some other regulatory body which may lead to an investigation of the transactions.
b) Please be aware that Ambassadors cannot use their device (phone, laptop, tablet, or computer) to sign up other members as the cyber-security software logs the IP address of devices and if used for multiple new member sign-on’s; the system might assume you are attempting to hack the system and may lock you out of the system.
i) Also, the new member must agree to the terms and conditions of the membership the Ambassador cannot do it on the members behalf, as this would void the agreement between the company and the member.
7) ECOs are of particular interest to Erth Ambassador’s because they have large numbers of Supporters which if they all join the program as Supporters of the ECO and planet earth. That enables the Erth Ambassador along with the ECO to possibly earn substantial income from their everyday shopping.
a) The ECO cannot join as an Erth Ambassador, this allows the Erth Ambassador to work with the ECO to ensure all their members join as Supporters and Merchants so the ECO can benefit from those members.
b) The Erth Ambassador can then join other ECOs in the program by using the original ECO as a referral. This could mean that the original ECO could also substantially increase their income from the efforts of the Erth Ambassador as more Merchants come into the Erth Point program from the new ECO’s Supporters.
8) Merchants are also of particular interest to Erth Ambassadors as they also have the potential to bring a lot of the Merchant’s customers into the Erth™ Point system enabling the Ambassador to earn from the Merchant’s customers or supporters that shop at that Merchant and any other Merchant where Erth Points can be earned.
9) The Erth Ambassadors network via Erth Ambassadors Pty Ltd receives Erth Points from every transaction and then pays those Erth Points to the relevant Erth Ambassadors that are entitled to be rewarded as being part of either the Merchant or the Supporter (Customer) side of the transaction or from both sides depending on the network genealogy in their six-level network.
10) Erth Ambassadors can earn Erth Points when an Erth Point Supporter earns Erth Points at an Erth Points Merchant from within their 6-level network from either having –
a) the Supporter within their network or
b) the Merchant within their network or
c) both the Supporter and the Merchant in their Network.
11) Erth Ambassadors Pty Ltd share of the Erth Points is calculated as follows –
a) Erth Marketing receives minimum 3% of the qualifying transaction as a marketing fee
b) 20% of the marketing fee is retained by Erth Marketing to run the business,
c) 80% of the marketing fee is used to purchase Erth Points via an exchange at the lowest available price.
d) From Erth Points purchased they are distributed as follows –
i) 30% goes to the Supporter
ii) 30% goes to the Supporters Nominated ECO
iii) 30% goes to the Rewards4Earth Foundation
iv) 10% goes to the Erth Ambassadors Network
e) From the 10% that goes to the Erth Ambassador Network that is split equally between the Supporter side of the Transaction and the Merchant side of the transaction. This is to ensure that the Ambassadors earn from all transactions including all large Merchants where Erth Points can be earned such as Coles, Woolworths, Bunnings, Ampol Etc. Erth Ambassadors earn –
i) where supporters from within their network are involved giving Ambassadors the incentive to sign up as many ECOs and their Supporters as possible.
ii) As well as ensure that it gives Ambassadors incentives to sign up as many Merchants as possible so that the Ambassador is rewarded from every transaction where one of the Merchants from within their network is involved.
iii) From the 10% gifted to the Erth Ambassador Network the Commission is split between the levels as per the attached diagram. This can be changed at any time without notice.

12) When registering a new member of any sort, the Ambassador must use their referral code to ensure the new member is in their network to enable the Ambassador to receive any Erth Points rewards via the six-level network.
a) If a ECO, Supporter, Ambassador or Merchant does not enter the Ambassador’s referral code at the time of their registration and has already submitted their registration for processing, then they cannot go back through their registration to enter your unique referral code. You accept you will be solely responsible for ensuring the Merchant uses your unique referral code when registering for the Erth Points Loyalty Program.
b) Any member has the right to choose which Erth Ambassador network, if any they want to enrol or join with, and that member’s decision is final, the company will not try and persuade or influence members to join one network over another.
13) Ambassadors who cancel their original membership with the Erth Point program and join again with any other Erth Ambassador as a new Erth Ambassador will not receive any future commissions earned from the original Erth Ambassador network.
a) The original network will continue to operate as normal so that any Ambassadors within the network will keep receiving any Erth Points the same as before the Ambassador cancelled their agreement less any Erth Points from the cancelled membership.
b) The Ambassador that cancelled their Ambassadorship will forfeit all future income from the original network including their own direct Level-1 members and all other levels that are part of that network from the time of cancellation.
c) In simple terms, the Ambassador can cancel their own membership, but they cannot take any of their 6-level network with them. Members of the old network would have to cancel their existing memberships and join under the new network. If members do this, that is not something we recommend nor is it something we can stop. It would mean paying a new fee which acts as a deterrent is all we can do.
d) The Ambassador can decide which network they want to be part of, and that Ambassador will forfeit any future commissions if that membership is cancelled. The member controls their own membership and what Erth Ambassador network they want to join or cancel with, no negotiation will be entered into regarding this issue.
14) Merchants, Supporters and ECOs can also cancel their membership and decide to join under a different network and the Ambassadors within the old network will no longer receive any future income from that Member.
a) The old network will however continue earning from the remaining network as it is only that one member that is cancelling their membership and they cannot cancel any other memberships within the network.
15) Erth Ambassadors are paid a percentage of the sale price of other items such as training courses or other products purchased by any Erth Points System members within their network as set out in the Erth Ambassador website or any changes to the terms and conditions of the Erth Ambassador network.
16) Erth Ambassador will only be rewarded for signing up Merchants. Erth Ambassadors accept they will only receive their rewards when the Merchant has paid their establishment fee and/or paid for their product or service and that money has cleared. Ambassadors will not receive any reward prior to the fees being paid and cleared.
17) Erth Ambassadors accept we will not reward them or be held responsible or liable for any loss if they entered into an understanding or a verbal or written agreement with any potential Merchant, Ambassador, Supporter or ECO for them to use the Erth Ambassador’s unique referral code and they have not upheld their end of the agreement and they joined through another Erth Ambassador.
18) You accept we may at our sole discretion, pass on any suspicious or illegal activities or behaviours to the appropriate authorities.
19) You also accept we reserve the right to suspend or freeze your Erth Point digital wallet for any reason if we reasonably believe you are abusing your privilege to be participating as an Erth Ambassador or doing anything illegal which can impact the Erth Point system.


Social Media & Use of Company Name Rewards4Earth™, Erth™ Points, and other Trademarks

1) Approved use –
a) “Erth™ Points Available here” – APPROVED
b) “Earn Erth™ Points here” – APPROVED
c) “Help SAVE the PLANET, Earn Erth™ Points Here” – Approved
d) “Support your ECO – Environmental and/or Community Organisations Earn Erth™ Points Here” – APPROVED
e) We will be flexible with the use of the Erth™ Points trademark is used in a positive manner and has nothing to do with future value of Erth™ Points and there is nothing disparaging, defamatory, illegal, or offensive in the use of Erth™ Points. Please contact us if you are unsure of how to use Erth™ Points in a positive manner that will benefit all parties involved in the system.
2) Use of company name is permitted on any social media platforms for example:
(a) “Rewards4Earth™ makes money” – NOT APPROVED
(c) “Erth™ Points will increase in value” – NOT APPROVED.
(d) “Erth Points could increase in value” – NOT APPROVED.
(e) No representation about increases in the value of Erth™ Point is permitted unless there is a corresponding representation that a decrease in value is also possible.

*The above are only examples of what is permitted and not permitted within the Rewards4Earth or Erth Point system and its Policies and Procedures. As long as your posts are similar to those APPROVED and are not derogatory to Erth Points or Rewards4Earth and are trying to attract customers to your Merchant, most posts will be allowed.
1. When you are posting the trademarks Erth™ Points or Rewards4Earth™ the Trademark symbol “™” must be used, please Google it if you don’t know how to make it appear in your documents. Hold down the “Option & 2” keys with Apple Devices.
2. Social media and the use of the posts containing the words Rewards4Earth™ or Erth™ points can be used for communications where the material is obtained from the “Approved Communications” archives as noted above or as used in our App’s or websites.
3. Rewards4Earth allows the use of posting marketing material on any social media platform that contains the words “Rewards4Earth” or “Erth” or “Erth Points” unless it is different from the Approved Communications list or is pre-approved in writing from the head office, no exceptions. Posting of any unauthorised posts, particularly where the Ambassador implies that Erth Points can or will increase in value or where future predictions of incomes, will result in the Merchant and or Ambassador losing their right to any and all income including any future residual income and the Company reserves its rights to take legal action for damages against any member that does post such articles.
4. Where any reference is made to describe any increase in the value of Erth Points a corresponding reference to decrease must also be made as in “Erth Points will fluctuate and will Increase/decrease in value due to the market forces of supply and demand.
5. The Rewards4Earth and other company websites has approved signage, social media posts and media releases that any member of the Erth Points System can use. Members can also create their own posts as long as they are similar in nature, content, intent, and all other aspects and not derogatory or defamatory to the Erth™ Point system in any manner.


ECO Membership

1) As we are providing funding for ECOs based on recommendations from their Supporters and the Supporters Spending, we must ensure we comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Client and Anti-Terrorism Funding (ATF) legislation both nationally and internationally.
a) It is at Reward4Earth’s total discretion as to which ECO it accepts as a beneficiary and which one it rejects as a beneficiary regardless of any standing they have as aN ECO with any regulatory bodies.
i) A ECO cannot be an Erth Ambassador.
b) It is important to note that although Supporters nominate an ECO that they would like to support, the money comes from ErthMarketing Pty Ltd and as such is a donation from our business to the nominated ECO and as such we reserve the right as to how much we will donate to any ECO organisation, the frequency at which we donate or whether we will continue to donate any money to any ECO.
c) We will do our best to ensure that the nominated ECO receives funds nominated by supporters providing that the proceeds are used for their intended purpose and not misappropriated in any way.
d) Once we reach certain funding milestones, we may communicate with a ECO and ask for details as to what the aims and goals of the ECO are and how we can assist them with reaching these goals. This may include asking for business plans or goals and cashflows so that we can ensure we help at the correct times and that the ECO is operating within its charter and money is going to its intended purpose.
e) We also need to ensure that the Erth Points or money donated is reaching the correct outcome as we need to comply with AML, KYC, and ATF legislation and that includes ensuring that the money is not going to fund the Director’s, shareholders or managements extravagant lifestyle or is misappropriated in any way.
2) The first part of complying with legislation is identification of the ECO and that means registering the ECO and from there we do further probity checks to ensure compliance with all legislation.
a) Some ECOs also act as a Merchant, many clubs sell products and services as do charities. If the ECOs Supporters register as VIP Supporters of that ECO, the ECO can send them FREE weekly special offers for their or any other Merchant and the Supporter will receive Erth Points as will the ECO.
3) To successfully register as a ECO member of the Erth Point Program. ECOs will be required to complete the Erth points Loyalty Program application form, provide their business details, and we will verify their information.
a) Registering as a ECO is only the first step and does not mean the organisation will automatically become a ECO or beneficiary of the Erth Point system as we need to do probity checks and we will notify the applicant in writing as to whether their organisation has been successful or not.
4) Organisations can download and install the Erth Points BIZ App at any time. You understand and accept the Erth Points BIZ App will not activate until the Merchant’s details have been successfully verified by us. A further communication will be sent notifying the applicant as to whether their organisation has been successful in achieving ECO status.
a) If their organisation has been successful in becoming an ECO they will need to upload their logo so that any supporter can nominate that ECO as their preferred beneficiary, which the Supporter can change at any time at their total discretion.
5) When an organisation registers as a ECO, their organisation will not be bound to any fixed term or periodic contracts with us.
6) The organisation may, at their sole discretion, deactivate and delete their Erth Point ECO account at any time and free of charge.
a) Upon deactivation and deletion of their Erth Point ECO account, all rights and licences granted to them as a member of the Erth Points Loyalty Program will cease immediately.
b) Any money or Erth Points owed or held by the ECO will be lost at the time the account is closed, deactivated, or cancelled and no money or Erth points will be owed to the ECO.
c) To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be held responsible or liable for any losses they may occur if they choose to deactivate and delete their Erth Point ECO account.
7) Transaction Monitoring. By registering a Payment Terminal(s) in connection with our REACTS transaction monitoring, the Merchant authorizes ErthMarketing Pty Ltd and/or associated entities to share their transaction information with any other entities needed to track transactions between their Merchant and any Erth Point Supporter.
a) The Merchant authorizes us to monitor transactions on their registered terminals to identify qualifying purchases to determine whether their Merchant made transactions linked to any supporters payment cards. They further authorise Eftpos Australia, Mastercard, Visa or any other associated financial institution to share such transaction details with ErthMarketing Pty Ltd and/or associated entities to enable us to gain the needed transaction information to gift Erth Points and to assist Merchants to target offers that may be of interest to our Supporter Base to assist your Merchant to make more sales.
i) They may opt-out of REACTS and transaction monitoring on the payment terminals(s) you have registered by contacting ErthMarketing Pty Ltd directly, in writing or via email:
ii) If they opt-out of REACTS transaction monitoring they understand that this will mean they, their supporters, the Supporters nominated ECO, and the planet will not get any Erth Points and that by opting-out they are in effect stopping the Erth Point System from operating using REACTS.
iii) By opting-out they understand that the only way to be part of the Erth Point System will be by doing manual transactions for Cash or direct deposit transactions via the Erth Point BIZ App.
iv) The Merchant understands that our Supporters will be notified via their Supporter App that the Supporter, the Supporters nominated ECO, and the Planet did not receive any Erth Points.
b) We do not share personal information or specific information about any ECO, Merchant or supporter/customer or any of the Credit/Debit cards with any Merchant and only provide general data to Merchants to help them create campaigns to get more sales.
c) We do not take any money from the REACTS transaction that we monitor. All REACTS fees must be paid in advance to ErthMarketing to use the REACT pr API marketing systems.
8) VIP Supporters (Customers) can be sent FREE push notifications, or Special Offers by Merchants or ECOs. A nominated ECO is totally separate from becoming a VIP Customer or VIP Supporter of an ECO.
a) Becoming a VIP Supporter of an ECO or Merchant only enables the Supporter to receive special offers from that ECO or Merchant and does not change the ECO Beneficiary.
b) Supporters can only nominate one ECO to be their Beneficiary but can be VIP’s to as many ECOs and/or Merchants as they desire.
c) To become a VIP Supporter of a ECO, the Supporter must purchase from that ECO or nominate that they want to become a VIP Supporter of that ECO.
d) You understand and acknowledge that the Supporter can decide not to remain a VIP Supporter of any ECO, Merchant or Erth Ambassador by “Opting Out” or can vary the frequency that they want to receive the push notifications at their total discretion.
e) The Supporter can be a VIP Supporter of as many ECOs, Merchants, or Erth Ambassadors as they desire and there is no exclusivity based on location or ECO type or Merchant type.
f) A Supporter can only nominate one ECO to be their Beneficiary at a time, however they can change that beneficiary as many times or as often as they desire.
g) An Erth Ambassador, Merchant or ECO can organise to work with any other organisation for them to send special offers that a Merchant or ECO has to offer. This has the effect of cross marketing and will benefit all parties including the Supporter, the ECO, the Merchant, the Erth Ambassadors, and Planet Earth.
h) ErthMarketing reserves the right to stop any Merchant or ECO from using the push notifications if this service is abused or not in the best interest of the customers or the planet or ECOs.
i) Erth Ambassadors can have their network join their VIP system so that they can send all their network updates via their Supporter App.
j) A Merchant or ECO can only send push notifications to their VIP customers at a maximum frequency of once per week. This is to ensure that the Supporter is not receiving too many notifications which would prompt Supporters to Opt-Out of the notification system which they are legally entitled to do at any time.
i) We have options such as fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly for Supporters to select to assist ECOs and Merchants reduce the number of Opt-outs by Supporters.
9) Through the Erth Points Biz App Merchants or ECOs can purchase REACTS Advertising and Marketing services or Erth Points, these services are only available to Merchants that have ABNs in Australia or the corresponding identifications in other countries.


REACTS Advertising and Marketing Services


Have an establishment and joining fee price of AUD$200.00 +GST for a total of $220.
1) Included in the $220 establishment fee –
a) $50 worth or REACTS marketing services and
b) $50 worth of Erth Points at market price.
c) $100 also goes to the Erth Ambassador system to reward salespeople and this may be paid in either AUD$ or Erth Points.
2) The minimum top-up amount is $50 for the REACTS marketing system.
3) The minimum top-up amount for Erth Points is $50
4) If as an example the Merchant has a balance of $50 for pre-paid REACTS marketing and a customer spends $100 where the Merchant has agreed to pay 4% of the sale price, then the Merchant would have a total fee deducted from their REACTS balance equal to 4% of $50 which is $2 so the new balance would be $48.
i) Once the REACTS balance reaches $20 or below the Merchant will have to top up their balance otherwise REACTS services for Erth Points will be withdrawn.
ii) All customers that go into a Merchant where they previously earned Erth Points will be notified that they did not receive any Erth Points as per normal to comply with our full disclosure principles if the balance of the Merchants goes below $10 or the Merchant stops being part of the Erth Point system or stops gifting Erth Points for any reason.
b) These fees can be changed at any time without notice.
5) A Merchant or ECO can also purchase Erth Points so that they can use them to purchase goods and/or services from other Merchants or gift them to Supporters as a special incentive, or for transactions that do not occur on the payment gateway system. The Merchant can purchase them using the BIZ App “TRADE Erth” tab, the Merchant can BUY Erth points for their own purposes as they require them.
6) All transactions are conducted in Australian Dollars – $ AUD. Using any other currency will attract an exchange rate which will be added to the cost of the points. How this is calculated from any other currency is subject to the variances of the free market, banks, and other methods of currency exchange calculations.
7) We only work electronically and do not SHIP any products only via email or internet services.
8) GST will be added to all prices where applicable. If you are buying internationally you may need to pay local taxes in your jurisdiction.
9) For information about privacy practices, please see our PRIVACY POLICY. You may opt-out of transaction monitoring on the payment terminal(s) you entered at any time by cancelling your membership, by contacting Erth Points in writing via email:
10) It is important to note that neither the Merchant nor the supporter gifts or donates any Erth Points or money to any ECO using REACTS or the BIZ App and it is only a nomination by the Supporter to ErthMarketing that influences ErthMarketing as to where it will gift money. Having said that we endeavour to gift money to where the supporter nominates and will only stop or reduce the proceeds to the ECO if it can be shown that the ECO is squandering, misappropriating, or is receiving funds in excess of the ECO’s needs.
a) Any Supporter or organisation can directly donate their Points to an ECO without REACTS and that is a decision for that person or organisation.
b) Gifting of Erth Points directly from the Supporter App to the ECOs BIZ App is done without REACTS and no other parties receive any percentage of the Erth Points.


Your Obligations as an Erth Ambassador


1. You understand and accept you are solely responsible for:
a. all information you provide to us is true, accurate and complete
b. your usernames, passwords and any other personal information required to access your BIZ App to remain secret/confidential and will not be disclosed or shared with any other person other than your team members that require them.
c. if there is any unauthorised use of your username and password or there is a breach of security, you will notify us of this immediately and you understand that it is your breach, and we accept no liability for any losses or damages you may suffer due to any security breaches.
d. the accessibility and reliability of the Merchant App is solely dependent on your choice of device, the model of that device, the device operating system, other hardware and their settings, and internet connection. We accept no liability for errors or security breaches caused by any device.
i. You understand that as devices age we may no longer provide updates for older devices and that you may need to purchase a newer device to enable the Erth Point or REACTS system to operate.
ii. You understand that the cost to update your device is at your own expense and not at our expense.
e. determining whether the Erth Points loyalty program meets your needs as either Merchant or ECO. Please always seek independent professional advice as to whether the Erth Points loyalty program is right for you.
2. While explaining how the system operates to any new members of the Erth Point system operates you understand and agree that you cannot promote that Erth Points will or can increase in value without explaining that they can also decrease in value.
3. You understand that an ECO cannot become an Erth Ambassador.


Gifting Erth Points

1) As an Erth Ambassador you can operate as a Merchant and gift Erth Points from your own account to any Ambassador, Supporter, Merchant or ECO that you join using the Erth Point BIZ App and you are free to gift any amount of Erth Points you wish.
2) By signing Merchants in the Erth Points system, you understand and accept that Erth Points are gifted to every customer who makes a purchase from a Merchant using the BIZ App or REACTS if that Supporter/Customer is registered with Erth Points system.
3) Erth Points will be transferred to the Supporter/Customer at the time of the transaction only if they use the REACTS system for Debit/Credit cards and the card that is being used has been previously attached to their Erth Points account and the Merchant has more than $10 credit in their ErthMarketing account to enable REACTS to operate.
a) If the supporter pays in cash, by direct deposit or some other payment methodology, you understand that for the Merchant to gift Erth Points directly to the system and therefore the Supporter, the Merchant must use the BIZ App.
i) You understand that for a Merchant to gift Erth Points they must already have the Erth Points in their BIZ App as no credit is provided to Merchants.
b) You understand that Merchants can also use the BIZ App to gift extra points to Supporters over and above any points that were gifted through the payment gateway system derived from payments made using their registered terminals.
4) As an Erth Ambassador you understand that the Supporter can nominate any ECO as a Beneficiary and that it is ErthMarketing Pty Ltd that donates the money to that ECO and that is at our total discretion which can change at any time based on information that ECO provides or does not provide to us.
5) As an Erth Ambassador you understand that a Merchant has the flexibility to set their desired percentage of the sale price that they will gift as part of the transaction using the BIZ App and our REACTS PAY-per-SALE Erth Point marketing system.
a) You are aware that the percentage gifted is the total to all parties including the Erth Marketing administration and processing fees.
b) The minimum total percentage amount is three per cent (3%) of the total purchase amount payable to Erth Marketing via REACTS regardless of the ECO they support.
c) From this minimum 3% part of the money (20%) will be retained to operate the ErthMarketing REACTS system, and 80% will be used to purchase Erth Points which will be shared amongst the Supporter, the Supporters nominated ECO, the Planet via the Rewards4Earth Foundation and the Erth Ambassador Network.
6) If the Erth Points BIZ App is used the same splits of fees will occur with the only difference being that Erth Marketing will receive its fees in Erth Points rather than in $AUD.
7) With cash or direct deposit transactions or any other payment methodology other than using REACTS, the Merchant understands that they will have to gift the points manually to their customers App’s using the Erth Point BIZ App. You understand that the Merchant will have to Buy Erth Points from through their BIZ App, via exchanges, or from any other entity that sells Erth Points.
8) You understand that the marketing fee is a PAY-per-SALE performance marketing system, and the CLICKS are FREE.
9) You understand that the Merchant can change their desired percentage that they will pay for REACTS marketing at any time above the Minimum 3% and may do so to attract more customers by notifying or not notifying their customers.
a) We will not be responsible or liable for the percentage amount you set for your customers or if you change that percentage amount.
10) You understand that a Merchant, when setting their percentage amount, should set an amount they can financially afford. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible or liable for any promises or representations Merchants make to their customers or supporters. We reserve the right to suspend or close any Merchant membership if they repeatedly make promises or representations about gifting Erth Points that they do not honour to their customers.
11) Merchants, Ambassadors and/or ECOs can purchase Erth Points or prepurchase REACTS marketing from Erth Marketing Pty Ltd through the BIZ App or through the website.
12) For a customer to receive their Erth Points where a REACTS registered payment terminal is not used, Merchants will need to –
a) put the transaction amount into the Erth Points BIZ App
b) scan the Customers QR code on their phone, or a copy of that QR code.
c) press “Share Erth” in their Erth Pints BIZ App, a scanner will appear on their app screen.
d) Scan the Customer’s QR Code which comes up as they press receive in their Erth Points App for Supporters/Customers.
e) The Merchant will be prompted to type in the purchase amount and the amount of Erth Points to be gifted will be calculated automatically.
f) If the customer is not in your presence at the time, simply have them email, text or send you a screenshot of their QR Code that they can access through the Supporter App in the “Receive Erth” tab.
g) Please be aware that the selected percentage is shared amongst the parties such as the ECO and Planet Earth and will not entirely go to the Supporter, as specified in our terms and conditions.
13) Ambassadors understand and accept that all members must have WIFI, or data turned on, on their device they are using to gift or receive Erth Points. If you are unable to connect to the internet the transfer of Erth Points will not take place.
a) We will not be responsible or liable for any loss of transaction in the event any members are unable to connect to the internet to gift or receive Erth Points.
14) Members will only have their Erth Points delivered to their App and their electronic wallet if they have Internet access.
15) Once an ECO has Erth points the ECO can sell them through the App or through any exchange that they desire to convert the Erth Points into their local or any other currency the parties agree upon.
16) Merchants have the sole discretion to offer alternative rewards loyalty programs in conjunction with Erth Points Loyalty Program. Merchants can operate any other rewards loyalty programs that are not breaching Erth Points Patents and remain independent from the Erth Points Loyalty Program.
a) Merchants are solely responsible and liable for any other rewards loyalty program that is not in association with the Erth Points program.
b) Erth Points and ErthMarketing Pty Ltd do not require exclusivity and happily work with any other loyalty point system that does not breach our patent.
17) Erth Ambassadors understand and accept that Merchants must replenish their Erth Points by purchasing them before they are able to gift them to their customers via the BIZ App.
a) The price of Erth Points will fluctuate due to the free market of supply and demand.
18) Erth Ambassadors understand that the fluctuation in value will not affect the cost to Merchants, as they only purchase marketing or Erth Points based upon a percentage of the sale price of their goods and or services.
a) As an example – if the Merchant sells an item for $50.00 and they agree to pay 4% marketing fee to Erth Marketing for delivering the sale, then that would be $2.00 worth of REACTS marketing payable by the Merchant which is deducted from their REACTS pre-paid marketing services balance.
b) The only difference will be that the customer and all other parties will receive varying amounts of Erth™ Points based on the market value of Erth Points at the time of the transaction.
i) As in they may receive 0.005 Erth Points one day, 0.006 another day and 0.003 Erth Points another day for purchasing the same item at the same price.
c) Regardless of the quantity of Erth Points it was still $2.00 worth of marketing services and as such was cost the Merchant the same amount.
19) Erth Ambassadors understand that Merchants need to have a minimum $10 in credit with their marketing account to have points gifted to their customers otherwise no gifting of Erth Points will occur.
20) Merchants and Ambassadors understand that because of disclosure laws and common courtesy that if a Merchant or ECO chooses to no longer gift Erth Points or use the Erth Point system that we will notify Erth Point Supporters and customers via their Supporter App at the time of the next transaction that the supporter makes at that Merchant, so that the customer is fully informed.
21) To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not make any warranties, guarantees, opinions, advice, forecast, speculate, or suggest how the value of Erth Points will behave in a free market determined by supply and demand. We will not be responsible or liable for how Erth Points behave in the free market (their fluctuation or market behaviour).
22) Merchants and or ECOs understand that if they stop gifting Erth Points we need to inform the Customer that they did not receive any Erth Points from that transaction.
23) Gifting points directly can be done via the Erth Points Supporter App and all Erth points gifted will go to the recipient less any administration charges.
a) Erth Point transfers may come under the scrutiny of AUSTRAC, the local tax office, or any other regulatory body.


Receiving Erth Points as a Payment

1) Ambassadors understand Merchants or ECOs can accept Erth Points for a part or full payment. That is a decision for the Merchant and/or ECO and the Supporter/Customer. Erth Marketing does not get involved in suggesting how this should operate as it is a matter for the Merchant and their customers.
2) To accept payment in Erth Points go to the Erth Points BIZ App and
a. Press “Receive Erth” button
b. Type in the amount of the Australian Dollars – $ AUD and the App will recalculate the amount it Erth Points based on the current price on exchanges.
c. Press Generate the QR code and show this QR code to the Supporter or Customer.
d. The Supporter then scans this QR code with his/her Erth Points App for Supporters/Customers and approve the transaction.
e. The Merchant and customer can agree to accept less or more Erth Points for any transaction as they agree.

Sponsorship with all ECOs and Sports Clubs in Particular.

1. Erth Ambassadors understand that by promoting the Erth Point System to supporters, Merchants and ECOs through sponsorship, this will encourage more Merchants, ECOs and Supporters to use the system which will benefit the Ambassadors and all other parties that use the system.
2. As it is ErthMarketing that is paying, donating, or gifting the Erth Points or money to the ECO as a donation to the ECO then ErthMarketing should be entitled to the same treatment as any sponsor paying similar amounts to the ECO.
3. The Erth Ambassador understands that it will explain that ECOs agree that they will treat ErthMarketing the same as any sponsor and promote Erth Points in the same manner it would promote the brand of any other sponsor that pays a similar amount of money.
a. If as an example the naming rights sponsor of a football club (ECO) pays to the club $1,000,000 per year than if ErthMarketing pays $1,000,000 (In local currency or Erth Points) or more to the football club (ECO) then Erth Points will be given identical benefits and marketing rights to any other sponsor paying similar amounts of money.
b. ErthMarketing may agree to have second tier sponsorship benefits to assist that ECO at ErthMarketing’s discretion.
4. Erth Ambassadors understand that a ECO may elect to give Erth Points primary naming rights at any time to increase the number of supporters using the Erth Point system which can also increase the donations made to the club by ErthMarketing.
5. Erth Ambassadors understand they need to explain to ECOs that they will need to give to ErthMarketing any fair and reasonable information needed to ascertain the ECO’s bona fides and need to continue receiving benefits from the Erth Point system.


Accessing or Retrieving Your Account

1) If you are having difficulties accessing your account or suspect your account/password has been lost or stolen, then please contact our friendly support team using the support system on the websites or the App or immediately.
2) When assisting you in retrieving or regaining access to your account, we may require further information from you. When requiring this information, we will always adhere to our Privacy Policy which can be found on our website.
3) You understand and accept we will never ask you for your username, password, bank account details or any other personal or sensitive information over the telephone, text message, email, or through pop-up alerts. We have our own secured process when we are helping you access or retrieve your account, and we will help you via our secured process only.
4) You understand and accept that at our sole discretion, we may suspend or deactivate your Erth Ambassador account:
a) if we reasonably believe you are using or are likely to use our services in a dishonest manner or for illegal purposes.
b) if we are legally required to do so via court order.
c) if you are involved in or suspected to be involved in money laundering, terrorist financing or any other illegal activity.
d) if you breach either our Terms and Conditions, Website Terms and Conditions, or our Privacy Policy.
e) if you provide us with misleading, false information or make misrepresentations when registering for the Erth Points Loyalty Program.
f) if you are abusive, aggressive, or offensive towards any Erth Points Loyalty Program staff member, Merchant, Supporter, Customer or ECO that use the Erth Point System.
g) If you promote Erth Points will increase in value without the corresponding promotion that they could decrease in value
h) If you promote that ECOs can become Erth Ambassadors.
5) If you are aware that another Erth Points loyalty member is misusing the Erth Points Loyalty Program in such a way that is deemed illegal, then you are strongly encouraged to call your local police or authority or inform us of that activity.
6) If you are aware that another Erth Points loyalty member is misusing the Erth Points Loyalty Program in such a way that is against our mission and overall vision, then you can make an anonymous complaint to our friendly staff by emailing us at


Australian Laws

1) We are a member of AUSTRAC, and we comply with all requirements set down by AUSTRAC including the information we must collect from our members.
2) We comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth), Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Rules 2007 (made under section 229 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Act 2006 (Cth)) and Know-Your-Client (KYC) obligations.
i) This is especially stringent on relation to us funding ECOs and we require far more information than we do with Merchants to ensure compliance.
ii) An Erth Ambassador should be totally fair and impartial and as such an ECO cannot be an Erth Ambassador due to a potential conflict of interest as any officer of an ECO has a Fiduciary obligation to that ECO.
iii) Because of the Erth Ambassadors role and obligations a person must complete the course and be responsible for what they are telling members and as such cannot be a ECO.
iv) A person can be the responsible officer of a Merchant via a company or trust and must possess an ABN to be an Erth Ambassador.
3) For us to comply with the relevant legislation and obligations, we require a certain amount of information from you before you can participate in the Erth Point Loyalty Program. We take your privacy seriously. Our Privacy Policy explains how and why we collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information.
4) We strictly adhere to our Privacy Policy at all times to ensure we maintain the integrity and security of your personal information.
5) You accept the degree of information required by us will differ as to whether you are registering for the Erth Point Loyalty Program as a Supporter/Customer, Ambassador, Merchant or ECO.
6) If you are registering as a Supporter, ECO, Ambassador or Merchant, you accept you will be required to successfully complete a proof of identity check. To complete this check, we may use an independent third party. You accept that the Identity Check organisations have their own processes where they collect, use, and hold your personal information, we are not responsible or liable for their processes and procedures.
7) Once you have completed your identity check, we understand that the identity check organisations do not disclose any of the personal information you provided to them (other than your name) when they inform us of the outcome of your identity check. We are only advised whether the identity check is successful/unsuccessful and the name of the person that the identity check refers to. We will not outsource any personal information you have provided to us or any third party unless required to do so by law.
8) You accept third parties may require you to provide additional personal information to them to comply with their own identification obligations. Any third-party identification obligations are not associated with us, we are not responsible or liable for their processes and procedures.
9) Any personal information we collect and hold in our files will not be shared with any parties unless instructed to do so by AUSTRAC or by court Subpoena.


Dispute Resolution

1) You understand and accept we will not be responsible or liable for resolving any dispute that may arise between yourself and any other party using the Erth Point System. Disputes may arise between Erth Ambassadors, Supporters (Customers), Merchants and ECOs, if the dispute is about using our Erth Points Loyalty program, the parties involved will be solely responsible for resolving the dispute between parties. We may agree to mediate between the parties to assist in the dispute, or we may cancel membership at our sole discretion.
2) If the dispute is between you as an Erth Ambassador, ECO or Merchant and any of our companies such as Rewards4Earth Pty Ltd or Erth Marketing Pty Ltd you agree to go to mediation and if that is unsuccessful to arbitration and that decision is final and all parties will bear their own costs for any legal action.
3) The Merchant and/or ECO agree that they will enter mediation and if unsuccessful Arbitration with an authorised Mediator or Arbitrator as recognised by the Queensland Law Society before, they can commence any legal action in any jurisdiction.



1) We always comply with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and the Australian Consumer Law requirements. Subject to your rights, we will assess your refund claim taking into account the level of seriousness and all other relevant factors. We are not obligated to comply with your remedy preference. Every claim will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as to whether we repair, replace or refund at our absolute discretion.



1) To the fullest extent permitted by law, your use of and involvement with our Erth Points Loyalty Program as an Ambassador, Merchant, ECO or Supporter will be solely at your own risk. We provide services on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
2) We and our affiliates expressly disclaim and exclude all expressed and implied warranties, conditions, guarantees, and representations of any kind whether they were expressed, implied, or statutory.
3) This includes, without limitation, implied warranties of how Erth Points will fluctuate or behave in the free market controlled by supply and demand.
4) We do not make any promises to Ambassadors as to how or whether Merchants, ECOs, Supporters or other Ambassadors will accept the Erth Point System.
5) Merchants, Supporters, and ECOs understand that they will experience bugs, errors and issues with our App’s, websites, and software and that although we do our best to rectify these errors they will most likely continue to occur, and we accept no liability for any loss or damage the member may incur due to any of these issues.
6) We and our affiliates expressly and impliedly make no guarantees or promises to the following:
a) our services will meet your requirements.
b) our services will not be interrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
c) the quality of our services, products, materials, or information obtained by you.
d) the results/data that is obtained from the use of our services will be accurate and reliable.
e) the speed or accuracy of the Erth Points transfer.
f) whether or not the Erth Point system works on older or not mainstream devices.


Limitation of Liability

1) To the fullest extent permitted by law, we, our affiliates, Ambassadors, Merchants, and ECOs using the Erth Point System will not be held liable for any of the following:
a) indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages.
b) loss of profit to you.
c) loss of goodwill to you.
d) loss of use.
e) damage or alteration to any equipment (including, without limitation, handheld devices, tablets, mobile phones) as a result of the installation and/or use of the Erth Points BIZ App or Supporter App or any of our software.
f) loss or corruption of data.
g) loss, destruction, or theft of Erth Points including loss of passwords.
h) any other intangible loss you may suffer (foreseeable or otherwise).
2) We understand and accept some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusions of certain limitations for incidental or consequential damages. Accordingly, in these circumstances limitations set out in these Terms and Conditions will not exclude our liability.
3) If you are dissatisfied with our services, these Terms and Condition, or our Website Terms and Conditions, or our Privacy Policy, then you are strongly encouraged to discontinue using the Erth Points Loyalty Program.
4) Ambassadors understand that we work with AUSTRAC, we also conduct our own investigation as to what members and particularly ECOs are mandated to accomplish, what goals they have, how we can assist them to reach those goals. ECOS agree and understand that we accept no liability for the following: –
a) That the Supporters nominate an ECO as their preferred beneficiary and that the Supporter can change this at any time.
b) If the ECO has received the funding they require, we can pause the funding until it is required again.
c) That we can cancel the ECO’s funding if it is seen that funding is not going to the nominated cause as stated by the ECO.
d) That we may require further information and records from the ECO once certain funding levels have been reached and that failure to comply with such requests can cause all funding to cease or be paused until that information is received and investigated.
e) The ECO also understands that if the information requested is not to our satisfaction we can pause or cease funding to that ECO.
f) We can also agree to give ECOs more than we have collected for them if we feel that it is needed for any purpose, we deem necessary.
g) We can pause or cease funding to the ECO for any reason we deem appropriate.
h) A ECO cannot be an Erth Ambassador due to a conflict of interest.


Proprietary Rights

1) All Intellectual Property (IP) rights in Erth Points BIZ App are either owned or controlled by Rewards4Earth Pty Ltd or its affiliates or has third-party licensing to use its content.



1) We may, at our sole discretion, make changes to our Terms and Conditions, Website Terms and Conditions, or our Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes to our services, products, our Merchant and Customer needs or any other reason we deem appropriate. We will try to give reasonable notice of any major changes.
2) You agree that you cannot and must not alter any of our Terms and Conditions, Website Terms and Conditions, or our Privacy Policy in any way whatsoever.
3) Any changes to the Terms and Conditions, Website Terms and Conditions, or our Privacy Policy will supersede and cancel any prior Terms and Conditions, Website Terms and Conditions, or our Privacy Policy.
4) We will be solely responsible for ensuring there are enough Erth Points in the ecosystem to support all qualifying transactions worldwide. We will do this by releasing Erth Points into a rising free market when required and will not release Erth Points below previous market highs in a ratchet type system unless there is an emphatic reason to do so to ensure the integrity of the Erth Point system. This means the supply of Erth Points will be available to meet the free-market demand to ensure the price of Erth Points does not reach an unsustainable level where the use of them in small transactions becomes unworkable.
5) Ensuring there are enough Erth Points in the ecosystem using the ratchet system also prevents Erth Points from being released into a decreasing free market.
6) You understand and accept we may, from time to time, and at our sole discretion, cause the Erth Points BIZ App to be temporarily unavailable to all members of the Erth Points Loyalty Program for maintenance or other purposes.
7) You understand and accept we are not a financial services organisation and we do not provide financial services, financial advice, or products. Any content (including all advertising and marketing) provided to you is intended to provide general information only. We have not taken into account any specific circumstances, nor have we taken into account your particular situation. All our content is not intended to provide financial or professional advice, you must not rely on it as financial or professional advice. Always seek independent professional advice as to whether Erth Points Loyalty Program is right for you.
8) You understand and accept you must not: copy, use or attempt to use a similar system worldwide that is or could be reasonably viewed as being competitive with us that breaches or could breach our patent or the intellectual property surrounding our patents.
9) We may, at our sole discretion, allow you to set up or conduct a Business similar to ours. We will only exercise our discretion through express and written consent. You understand and accept our express and written consent will be a legally binding agreement between you and the patent holder.
10) You understand and accept we reserve the right to take any and all necessary legal action against you if you set up a similar organisation that is deemed to be similar and competing with our organisation without our expressed and written consent.
11) Subject to these Terms and Conditions, and our Website Terms and Conditions, we grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, revocable, sub-licensable licence to use and access our App, Websites, software and utilise our patents for your own personal and/or commercial use within those Apps and websites.
12) Unless expressly permitted within these Terms and Conditions, you must not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, publicly display, encode, translate, transmit, distribute, alter, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, transfer, create any kind of derivative works or exchange Erth Points App for any commercial purpose which is not associated with the Erth Points Loyalty Program.
13) The laws in the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia govern these Terms and Conditions, our Website Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. You understand and accept additional laws and regulations that will apply to you if your residence is not within the State of Queensland, or your country of domicile is not the Commonwealth of Australia. You are solely responsible for ensuring you comply with any additional laws or regulations applicable to you.
14) You understand that Erth Ambassadors do not make decisions for the company and cannot alter any terms and conditions specified by the company and that Ambassadors will only promote products and/or services as outlined by the company.
15) Erth Ambassadors pledge a fiduciary obligation to the company.



1) “App” means
The Erth Points™ App for Erth Points Supporter App for consumers, customers, supporters, or individuals.
2) “BIZ App” means
the Erth Points BIZ or Business App for organisations such as ECOs or Merchants.
3) ECO means
Any registered Club, Church, Charity, Foundation, Benevolent Society, or organisation that meets with our criteria that we believe needs support that fits in with our POLECER mandate. We reserve the right to reject any organisation from becoming a ECO and receive funding for any reason we feel justifies this position.
4) Customer means
A purchaser of goods and or services from a business and/or merchant
5) Consumer means
A purchaser of goods and or services from a business and/or Merchant
6) Erth Ambassador means
a registered Business or holder of an ABN being an Australian Business Number, or similar in other countries, that promotes the Erth Point system to other parties upon the understanding that as an Erth Ambassador they will be rewarded from transactions made by members within their 6-level network via a small percentage of Erth Points that are purchased as a result of financial transactions between a Supporter and a Merchant that are registered with the Erth Point System where one or both of those parties are in the Ambassadors 6-level network. An Erth Ambassador cannot be a ECO.
7) Erth Point means:
a Token (also known as a point) held on a blockchain as a distributed ledger called “Erth” and used in Erth Point Apps.
8) Erth Points Loyalty Program or Erth Points System means:
the combined Business of Rewards4Earth Pty Ltd, ErthMarketing Pty Ltd, Erth Ambassadors Pty Ltd and any of their subsidiary or group companies and the Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd philanthropic organisation which run the Erth Points System in which a Supporter (Customer) earns points on a qualifying transaction, where Erth points are gifted to a qualifying Customer and other parties.
9) Intellectual Property means:
The systems, procedures, Apps, websites, and all other information that enables the Erth Point system to operate.
10) Marketing and Advertising means
The objective of gaining a customer and sale using promotion, benefit and or reward to attract customers or Supporters.
11) Merchant means
A business that pays for marketing services to attract customers via either purchasing REACTS Marketing services or Erth Points as a reward for supporters purchasing from that business.
12) Patent means
The Patent held by us in relation to using loyalty rewards on a blockchain token and other intellectual property used by us.
13) REACTS means
Rewards4Earth Automated Card Transaction Service and its associated marketing system.
14) POLECER means
a) The Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd’s Acronym for its mandate
i) Plastic Reclamation and Recycling
ii) Ocean Cleanup and Rejuvenation
iii) Local Cause in that area
iv) Endangered Species Preservation
v) Clean Energy Technology
vi) Education on Sustainability
vii) Reforestation, Carbon Sequestration and Tree Planting
15) Qualifying transaction means:
a) when a Merchant who is a member of the Erth Points Loyalty Program buys marketing services and/or gives a percentage amount of Erth Points to their Customer at the time of purchase transactions.
b) when a customer who is a member of the Erth Points Loyalty Program uses their Erth Points to purchase goods and services from a Merchant that is a member of the Erth Points Loyalty Program.
16) Supporter means
A customer that uses the Supporter Erth Point App to collect Erth Points
17) Related Bodies Corporate means:
the same meaning it has in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
18) Terms and Conditions means
this document.
19) “We”, “Us”, and “Our” means
The Erth Point System, Rewards4Earth Pty Ltd (ABN 79 637 454 310) and its affiliate or group companies, ErthMarketing Pty Ltd, Erth Ambassadors Pty Ltd as well as the Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd.
20) “You” means
every organisation that is a member of the Erth Points Loyalty Program (including ECOs, Supporters, Erth Ambassadors, and Merchants) and every organisation that is not a member of the Erth Points Loyalty Program that is looking at anything to do with Erth Points or this website or any of the Erth Point Apps.