Supporters & Customers

The Basics

The Erth Points System rewards supporters of Clubs, Churches, and Charities as they shop at participating businesses. It enables part of every purchase made by every customer from every business to go toward supporting local communities while helping repair the environmental damage created by the modern lifestyle.

Erth Points Loyalty Rewards Program benefits the customer, the customer’s nominated Not-for-profit (CCC) and the environment.


  • Customers (Supporters) – Customers earn Erth Points from everyday shopping/spending and have access to unique special offers at participating businesses.
  • CCC (Clubs, Churches, Charities and other Not-for-profits) – Customers nominate their favourite CCC to benefit from their everyday shopping via the Erth Point System. It provides the CCC with an ongoing residual income.
  • Planet Earth – Planet Earth benefits via the Rewards4Earth Foundation whose mandate is to fund the reparation of the environmental damage caused by our modern lifestyle.
  • Businesses (Merchants/Retailers) – Businesses benefit by attracting and retaining customers (supporters of CCCs). Businesses only PAY-per-SALE and the CLICKS-are-FREE.

The Erth Points App enables you to receive Erth Points as you buy from participating businesses while using a variety of payment methods. In the App, you can nominate your favourite Church, Club or Charity (CCC) enabling it and the environment to benefit from your every purchase.

Yes, it’s free to join. There are no extra costs for downloading the App nor ongoing charges.

Earning Erth Points is easy!

  1. Download the Erth Points App via the QR code, via the App or Play store or click here to download.
  2. Shop at participating businesses.
  3. Pay with your registered credit/debit card, cash, direct deposit or Erth Pay Gift Card and Erth Points will be transferred to you, your chosen CCC and Rewards4Earth Foundation.
  4. You can check how much you earned in the Erth Points App (usually points are transferred instantaneously, but some may take up to 7-days).
      • Credit/Debit Cards. Each time you use your registered credit/debit card you earn Erth Points. Make sure you have added your card to Erth Points App before shopping.
      • Erth Pay Gift Cards. Gift cards for many Australia wide retailers can be purchased in the Erth Points App. You, your CCC and the Planet earn points at the time of purchase of the gift card, rather than when you spend the gift card.
      • Cash. When you pay with cash, please ensure that the merchant transfers the points to you via the Gift/Receive option in the Erth Points App.
      • Direct Deposit. When you pay with a bank transfer, please ensure that the merchant transfers the points to you via the Gift/Receive option in the Erth Points App.

      You can spend your Erth Points at participating businesses that choose to accept them as a payment option, via the Erth Points App Send/Spend option.

      Yes, if they are benefiting the Planet, animals, people in need and worthy causes.

      Erth Points are the first patented, digital global reward points. Erth Points are funded by businesses and enable them to attract and reward customers, to say thank you for buying from them. Supporters can earn Erth Points as they purchase from participating businesses, save and keep them or spend at any business in the world that accepts them. Supporters cannot purchase Erth Points through the Erth Points System.

      Erth Points expire in the year 9999 and a business cannot cancel your Erth Points.

      Erth Points are wholly owned by the receiver, not the business that gifted them.

      Erth Points value is established by the free market, on the exchanges where CCCs can sell, and businesses buy. The points value fluctuates and the business always gifts them based on the market value at the time of the transaction, the number of points received by a customer will vary with every transaction.

      Yes, like other loyalty points they can decrease in value. Unlike other loyalty points, Erth Points are exchange-traded enabling them to also increase in value due to the forces of supply and demand.

      Erth Points are not tied to a specific company. Once a business gifts Erth Points, those points have nothing to do with that business anymore. If the business goes bankrupt, the points it has given remain the property of the holder and can be used at any business that accepts them worldwide.

      Erth Points cannot be bought by individuals and can only be purchased by registered businesses that hold a valid ABN in Australia or the equivalent in other countries. Erth Points must be gifted by a business to a customer as a purchase reward.

      There are a few ways to check which businesses are part of the Erth Points Loyalty program:

      1) On this website. Click here to see the full list of businesses where Erth Points can be earned with the Erth Pay Cards.

      2) You can also look for the Erth Points logos in stores.

      3) Check in the Erth Points App/Search section.

      The biggest difference between the Erth Points and traditional Loyalty Reward Programs is with Erth Points the customer benefits, the CCC benefits, the business benefits and planet Earth benefits. There’s nothing else like it!
      On top of that Erth Points don’t expire. They can’t be devalued by any rewarding businesses, even if the gifting business goes bankrupt. They are owned by the holder, not the gifting business.

      Erth Points System’s primary functions are:

      1. To provide customers and supporters of Not-for-profit Organisations (CCC) with access to deals and special offers.
      2. To reward the supporters and their favourite CCC with Erth Points that they can use to support their goals with residual income.
      3. To help businesses make more sales and save on marketing, as they only PAY-per-SALE and not PAY-per-CLICK.
      4. To enable all of us to help Planet Earth by enabling a small part of every transaction in the world to go towards environmental projects.


      The number of Erth Points a supporter receives depends on the value of the purchase, the percentage of the sale the business nominates, and the value of the Erth Points at the time of the transaction.
      The real benefit comes from supporters making as many purchases as possible from businesses that gift Erth Points. That’s the quickest way for a supporter to increase their Erth Points balance, support their favourite CCC and help save Planet Earth. This all happens while the business makes more sales so all parties benefit.

      A VIP Customer status grants you the ability to receive notifications about special offers and deals from businesses you choose. It is assigned to you after you shop in a participating business for the first time with your credit/debit card registered in Erth Points, cash or direct deposit (does not apply to the Erth Pay Cards).

      You can unsubscribe from being a VIP Customer anytime. To do so, go to your Erth Points App, tap Account (person icon), tap Settings and in the Notifications section tap Manage. Here you can change your VIP Customer status and decide from which business you would like to receive notifications.

      No, as the gifting business does not own the Erth Points. The value is set by the market price, the business has no control over the value of Erth Points. This is another key difference between Erth Points to all other loyalty points.
      For a business, the market value of Erth Points is irrelevant, as they are rewarding a percentage of the transaction, which is shown in the local currency.

      Yes, once this feature is turned on you will be able to instantaneously transfer points from one Supporter to another within seconds anywhere in the world where the App’s have internet connection. This feature will be enabled once all aspects of the system are fully functional.

      Yes, you will be able to gift or donate your Erth Points directly to the Rewards4Earth Foundation or any charity or non-profit organisation that is registered with Erth Points once the transfer feature is enabled and when all features of the system are fully functional.

      Individuals cannot purchase Erth Pints directly and even if they did, they would not be tax-deductible to individuals as they are not businesses and the individuals get no tax deductions for marketing services.
      The percentage-of-sale price reward may be tax-deductible for a business as it is for marketing services, however, this should be checked for each and every individual situation with a qualified tax adviser. Rewards4Earth does not offer tax planning or advice.

      Rewards4Earth takes data security and privacy extremely seriously. We have partnered with Oracle Corp, one of the world’s leading enterprise IT companies, to manage all data security and storage. Most banks and governments use Oracle’s databases and servers and rely on their security systems.
      As a registered Oracle partner, Rewards4Earth has access to the Oracle Partner Network, a global network of established business partners. Through this network we have partnered with a global payment processing technology firm that supports over 40,000 firms with payments of more than $20bn, meaning the overarching technical infrastructure and data processing are in some of the best possible hands.

      Erth Points App - How to

      This is a step-by-step process on how to register with the Erth Points App, add your CCC (Church, Club or Charity) and set up your credit/debit card within the app to make purchases that will earn you Erth Points, support your local participating businesses and CCC (Church, Club or Charity).

      To set up your Erth Points App on the iPhone or Android phone:

      Download the app

      Step 1 – Download the Erth Points App via the QR code, via the App or Play store or click here to download.


      Step 2 – Once downloaded Tap on Register.
      Step 3 – Fill in your details, your name, email, and mobile number.

      Choose the CCC

      Step 1 – Once registered, add your chosen Charity. To do this tap the Account (person icon).
      Step 2 – Tap on Settings.
      Step 3 – Tap on Change where you see the heading: Club, Church, or Charity support.
      Step 4 – A list of charities will come up, please select one. If you do not select a charity the Erth Points will be awarded to the Rewards4Earth Foundation.
      Step 5 – Once you select your Charity it will be seen under the Club, Church, or Charity support heading.
      Step 6 – Tap the arrow at the top left of the screen and then the Erth icon at the bottom left of the screen to take you back to the home screen.

      Add your credit/debit card

      Step 1 – Tap on the Account (person icon) button.
      Step 2 – Tap on the Credit Cards button.
      Step 3 – Tap the add (+ or cross) at the top right of the screen to add your card.
      Step 4 – Fill in your name that is on your card, the card number and the expiry date.
      Step 5 – Once your card is loaded up, you are ready to buy gift cards or make transactions with your App.

      You can now start earning Erth Points, support your CCC (Church, Club or Charity) and any participating businesses, and most of all, save the Planet.

      Do not worry if there is a delay in the Erth Points arriving in your account as some companies have a longer transaction time frame. Also be aware that if your debit/credit card is the same bank that the business uses, that merchant facility time could take up to 7-days for your Erth Points to be deposited into your account.

      To buy a gift card on the iPhone or Android phone:

      Step 1 – Tap the green Erth Pay Cards button on the home screen.
      Step 2 – Tap the word Buy (or add +). Click to select your prepaid card.
      Step 3 – Select the gift card of your choice.
      Step 4 – Choose a payment option.
      Step 5 – Once the gift card has been purchased, it will be in your Erth Pay Cards section within the App and you can now use the gift card.

      Do not worry if there is a delay in the Erth Points arriving in your account as some Companies have a longer transaction time frame. Also be aware that if your debit/credit card is the same bank that the business uses, that merchant facility time could take up to 7-days for your Erth Points to be deposited into your account.

      To use the gift card on the iPhone or the Android phone:

      Step 1 – Tap the green Erth Pay Cards button on the home screen.
      Step 2 – Check the gift card balance by tapping on the Gift Card. Then tap on Use Erth Pay Card. Tap Download. This will exit the app to the PDF where your gift card barcode is visible.
      Step 3 – To pay with the gift card, scan your barcode using the scanner at the store’s register or have the counter person do this for you. Please note that if it does not scan at a self-serve checkout, you will need to enter the numbers found under the barcode where it says card number. Is it recommended you go through a checkout, where a person can help you if you need assistance.
      Step 4 – Once you have scanned the bar code, it is recommended that you update the remaining amount available on the gift card so that you can easily see what is available for your next purchase.
      Step 5 – To update the remaining balance if you have only spent part of your gift card, tap the Update button on the right side under the gift card, enter the remaining amount and tap Update.
      Step 6 – Once you have used the full balance of your Erth Pay Card it is recommended that you remove it from the App by pressing the Remove and then Confirm button.

      To make a transaction using your Erth Points App on the iPhone or Android phone:

      Step 1 – Tap the Account (person icon).
      Step 2 – Tap Send Erth.
      Step 3 – Scan the business QR code presented at the time of the transaction.
      Step 4 – Enter the amount of your purchase.
      Step 5 – Select Confirm.
      Once your transaction is complete, you will see the Erth Points after the transaction in your Transaction History tab.

      To view your transaction history on the iPhone or Android phone:

      Step 1 – Tap on the Account (person icon).
      Step 2 – Tap on Transactions History.

      You will see the current balance of your Erth Points in the Account/Transaction History and on the home page of your App.

      1. Open the Erth Points App.
      2. Log out (if you haven’t already) and go to the Login screen.
      3. Click “Forgot your password? Reset!”
      4. Provide phone number, you’ve used to register with Erth Points App.
      5. You will receive a SMS with a code.
      6. Copy the code and put it in the app, click
      7. Type in your new password.
      8. Your password has been changed; you can now log in to your account with the new password.


      The Basics

      Erth Points System is a reward-based ecosystem where all parties benefit.
      Using patented technology, businesses can attract customers via a PAY-per-SALE marketing system, unlike PAY-per-CLICK. Erth Points are rewarded to customers, their CCC and Rewards4Earth Foundation. Customers can spend them at any business that accepts them as a payment option. This means the points only cost business if it makes sales. Using the concepts of affiliate marketing and customer incentives, the Erth Points System has the potential to revolutionise consumer spending.

      Unlike traditional loyalty systems, the Erth Points System creates a triple customer incentive: personal reward, support for their CCC and the environment. Most customers support some sort of club or cause, so the potential market is very vast. The other big difference with Erth Points is that once gifted, the Erth Points are owned by the recipient, not the business that gifted them. Therefore there’s no liability to the business on the balance sheet. The CCCs and Rewards4Earth Foundation are also rewarded with the points, the business meets both social and environmental obligations, every time it makes a sale.

      Once a business registers with Erth Points and sets the percentage of a sale they want to spend with Erth Points from their marketing budget, a minimum of 3% everything happens automatically. When the customer purchases using their registered debit/credit card, Erth Points are added to their App, and gifted to their nominated CCC (Club, Church, Charity, or Not-for-Profit) and the Rewards4Earth Foundation. This is a PAY-per-SALE and the CLICKS-are-FREE system to ensure businesses only pay for results and all parties benefit from a transaction.

      The business has total discretion, it can accept full or part payment in Erth Points as it desires. There is no technical reason why a business could not accept $20 in Erth Points and the balance in cash or via credit card or the full payment in Erth Points, that is a decision for the business and for their customer to negotiate.

      Once a business registers with Erth Points it will automatically appear on the App for search and geo-location services and be searchable by all supporters. Businesses can also sign any of those supporters to be VIP customers of that business. The business has permission to use the Erth Points logo and we provide digital Erth Points branded materials so that the business can have them printed for in-store customers, online promotions, or other advertising to help customers be aware that they are part of the Erth Points System.

      Businesses have access to several free-to-use marketing tools within the App. These include a listing in the local location-based directory, search exposure based on category or product, geo-location services and free push notification services to opted-in VIP customers. These services are designed to be customer-centric, yet add significant real-time, geo-targeted marketing value to businesses.

      Yes, although sadly there is no mandatory obligation that businesses need to repair what damage a business’s products and/or services do to Planet Earth. A lot of businesses are now prepared to do something. Nor is there any mandatory monetary obligation to give back to the community, this may be due to public pressure or because large investors will not invest in companies that do not have a generous ESG policy. Either way, the Erth Points enables businesses to give back to both the local community and to Planet Earth thereby fulfilling their ESG obligations as well as promoting that to all its current and potential customers. The more supporters that spend money at businesses that use the Erth Points the more can be done for the community and environment. The businesses also benefit as they make more sales, so all parties benefit with Erth Points. The minimum PAY-per-SALE fee is 3% and that enables 0.72% of each sale to go towards repairing environmental problems where Erth Points are earned. Another 0.72% of each sale would go to the CCCs or the social side of things and a further 0.72% of the sale would go back to the customer as a reward points.

      Once a supporter uses their registered debit/credit card in a registered business to pay for goods and services he gets the Erth Points and is being added to the VIP Customers list of this business. Customers can also search for businesses or CCCs and become VIP Customers of those organisations. Businesses or CCCs are then able to send then VIPs Push Notifications for special offers, eg: A free muffin with every coffee on Tuesdays between 3-5 pm. Customers can turn on or off their VIP notifications or vary the frequency that they want to receive VIP notifications.


      Businesses pay $220 incl GST to be a member. This includes $50 worth of REACTS (Rewards4Earth Automated Card Transaction Service) marketing services in advance to automatically credit Erth Points when a registered debit or credit card is used for payment. Plus $50 worth of Erth Points for cash or direct deposit transactions that are not made on the payment gateway system. It is free for all supporters. Clubs, Churches, Charities, and other registered not for profits – NFP all joins for free.

      All the digital marketing tools available to businesses are free. This includes listing on the directory, local search function, geo-location services and push notifications to opted-in VIP customers. All CLICKS are FREE and businesses only PAY-per-SALE.

      There are no ongoing administrative fees. There is an ongoing purchase of Erth Points that businesses gift to supporters based on the percentage of marketing fees they have agreed to issue. All CLICKS are FREE and businesses only PAY-per-SALE.


      Yes, a business can change the percentage at any time to any percentage above 3% of the purchase price. For example, a business could change their gift from 3% or 20% for a special offer at any time and then back again to 4% when the offer has finished. The amount of Erth Points rewarded will depend on the price of the good or service, the percentage rewarded and the market rate at the time of the transaction.

      No, as the business does not own the Erth Points and the value is set by the market price, not by the gifting business.

      No, 3% is the minimum amount businesses can spend on our marketing services.

      Erth Points automatically allocates the correct value of Erth Points to the supporter, the supporter’s nominated CCC and the environment (via the Rewards4Earth Foundation).
      With cash payments, direct deposits or other transactions that have not been processed by the payment gateway, the business simply enters the transaction amount on the BIZ App and then scans the supporters’ QR code and the points are transferred instantaneously.

      Erth Points uses blockchain encryption technology, which enables secure transactions. Blockchain technology is blocks of data created at the moment the transaction was enacted and then linked together (the chain) in a way no one can access or tamper with. This makes it a much more secure form of transaction recording than, for example, a conventional bank transfer process where it is possible (although highly unlikely) to alter the records. It is a distributed ledger, meaning a copy of the transaction record (ledger) is sent to numerous trusted parties, making it impossible to change a party’s records without all other parties seeing the change. Erth Points System is based on exchange-traded reward points with the ticker code of Erth.

      Business benefits

      A business that is part of the Erth Points will be instantly more attractive to the supporters of all CCCs, and all customers that are environmentally concerned and are part of or would like to become part of the Erth Points. This is because supporters earn rewards for themselves, their CCC, and the enviroment. The built-in digital marketing tools are another benefit, making businesses easier to find when CCC supporters or those that are environmentally concerned are looking to see where they can earn Erth Points.

      Customers want to feel valued and appreciated. According to a KMPG report (CLICK to read), loyal customers account for 85% of a business’ growth. With Erth Points, businesses will be not only gifting their customers something of tangible value, but you will also be making them feel good when they know they are helping to support their favourite CCC and helping the environment.

      Another way to think about loyalty is that a business is not relying on just their own loyalty, but a much more powerful loyalty that the supporter has to their favourite CCC or the Planet. People may be loyal to a business, but how often do you see them standing in the rain just to watch the game like football supporters do? Have you ever seen a customer that is prepared to stand in front of a bulldozer or a harpoon? No, but you have all seen the whale and forest supporters do exactly that. Erth Points empowers a business to benefit all the CCC and environmental supporters and their organisations.

      One of the less beneficial things about internet marketing is that it makes most things about price. The Erth Points focus more on what the supporter is passionate about, their CCC and supporting that CCC and helping the environment. Think of a passionate football club supporter. Given the choice between a business that supports their club and a business that doesn’t, they will always go to the business that supports their club. They feel as if that business is as passionate about their club as they are because the business supports their club. That supporter will keep coming back and bring their fellow supporters with them, and the business only PAYS-per-SALE.

      Erth Points provides free additional marketing tools, like:

      Business listing in the customers Erth Points App search section.
      Businesses who join Rewards4Earth will be listed in the directory of the App and customers can search for participating businesses to buy from. Geo-location services mean that potential customers in your area will find your business when they search.

      Push notifications that businesses can send to VIP Customers.
      Users have an option to become VIP Customers for your business and opt-in to receive direct messages and push notifications. It’s a great way to communicate special offers at no additional cost to your business. You’ll be growing your customer loyalty and saving on advertising and marketing costs.

      The Erth Points System is a completely new concept. Erth Points fluctuate in value based on the supply and demand of the market. The value of Erth Points does not affect businesses as they will pay the nominated percentage of a sale price.
      Customers may be unsure as to why they earned fewer points for a cup of coffee today, than they did last week, but once they realise the Erth Points they earned last week are worth more they should be happy. They should also be happy if it decreases in value, as it is better than losing all the points as they would if a business went bankrupt with other reward points. They should also be happy if the points go down in value, and they receive more points for the same transaction.
      Rewards4Earth Pty Ltd is not responsible, nor liable for those fluctuations and does not make any warranties, guarantees, opinions and/or suggestions as to the past, current or future value of Erth Points and how their value may behave in the free market.

      Some customers may prefer discounts, but discounts don’t help their CCC and they don’t help the environment therefore there will be some customers that prefer to receive Erth Points rather than a discount. The business can always gift the customer extra points via their BIZ App to the equivalent value of a discount if that is what the customer wants.

      Erth Points Biz App - How to

      To set up your business and register your terminal in the Erth Points Biz App.

      Step 1 – Download the Erth Points BIZ App via the QR code, via the App Store or Google Play Store or click here to download. Once downloaded, open the app.
      Step 2 – Press on Register New Business.
      Step 3 – Enter your company name, ABN/CAN, website, and referral code, choose the category and enter your BSB and account number. Pres Next.
      Step 4 – Enter your name, email and phone number and set up the password.
      Step 5 – Enter your address.
      Step 6 – Press Pay & Sign up.
      Step 7 – Pay the sign-up fee. You will see a notification that your account has been created successfully.
      Step 8 – Click OK, Got it. You will be redirected to the main screen. Now you can log in to your account.
      Step 9 – Press Login.
      Step 10 – Provide your email and password, and press Get Started.

      Add logo

      To set up your logo and have it visible in the search area of customers’ app:
      Step 1 – Press Account (person icon).
      Step 2 – Press My Company Details.
      Step 3 – Go to the Appearance section.
      Step 4 – Press Pick Logo.
      Step 5 – Upload the logo from your device gallery.
      Step 6 – Press Save.

      Register your payment terminal

      To start rewarding your customers you need to register your payment terminal:
      Step 1 – Press Account (person icon).
      Step 2 – Press My Company Details.
      Step 3 – Go to the Marchant section.
      Step 4 – Press Configure button.
      Step 5 – Press Upload Photo.
      Step 6 – Choose a photo of the receipt from your device gallery. You must have a copy of the receipt with the MID number.

      You can now start rewarding our customers with the Erth Points, support your CCC (Church, Club or Charity) and most of all help the environment.

      A VIP Customer is automatically created when signed up to your Business using your QR code, purchasing from your business, or opting in to be a VIP of your business, they have the option of opting out at any time or changing the frequency they wish to receive offers.

      To send Push Notifications on the iPhone or Android phone:

      Step 1 – On the main screen of the app press VIP Customers.
      Step 2 – Press Send notification.
      Step 3 – Enter the Title.
      Step 4 – Enter a full and accurate description of the offer.
      Step 5 – Press Push to VIP.

      Please be aware that special offers can only be sent to your VIP Customers a maximum of once a week.

      To change Incentive offers on the iPhone or Android phone:

      Step 1 – On the Home Page of your BIZ App, Press the Account (person icon) button.
      Step 2 – Press Incentive Offers.
      Step 3 – Select the percentage you wish to gift your Marketing Balance (minimum is 3%).

      For example:

      If you would like to give extra support to a local CCC or a particular cause, you could increase the marketing percentage which will increase the benefit of an emergency, such as a flood or fire. Your business and/or a local CCC could send out a Push Notification to VIPs about the help needed. The CCC (or Cause), the customer, and the planet will all receive more Erth Points. The business will have made a sale, benefited the CCC (or Cause), helped the Planet and completed the entire process in a tax-effective manner so all parties benefit.

      To accept Erth Points as payment on an iPhone or Android phone:

      Step 1 – On the main screen, press Receive Erth.
      Step 2 – Enter the dollar value.
      Step 3 – Press Accept.
      Step 4 – A QR code will be generated on your screen.
      Step 5 – Your customer will have their Gift Erth ready by entering in the dollar value and then press Scan QR for your business to receive the Erth Points and payment.
      Step 6 – You will then be able to check your Erth Points and transactions made.

      To help your customers purchase using Erth Points on the iPhone and Android phone:

      Step 1 – Have your customer open their ErthPoints App.
      Step 2 – Have the customer press the Account (person icon).
      Step 3 – Have the customer press Spend.
      Step 4 – The customer’s camera will capture the QR code on your BIZ App.
      Step 5 – Have the customer confirm the amount to spend.
      Step 6 – Have the customer confirm again and the transaction will be completed.

      To share the Erth Points App on the iPhone or Android phone:

      Step 1 – Press Account (person icon).
      Step 2 – Press the Share app.
      Step 3 – Choose to share either the Customer app or BIZ app.
      Step 4 – Select how you want to share the app.
      Step 5 – Send the Erth Points App link either via email or text.

      1. Open the Erth Points Biz App.
      2. Log out (if you haven’t already) and go to the Login screen.
      3. Click “Forgot your password? Reset!”
      4. Provide the email and phone number, you’ve used to register with Erth Points Biz App.
      5. You will receive an SMS with a code.
      6. Copy the code and put it in the app, click
      7. Type in your new password.
      8. Your password has been changed; you can now log in to your account with the new password.

      After a Supporter has made a payment, you will need a screenshot of their QR code which they can email or text to you.

      On your Biz App

      If you have an Apple Phone:
      Step 1 – Open your Biz App and tap on the “Receive AUD” button.
      Step 2 – Enter the AUD amount that the supporter paid and tap “Scan QR” and scan the QR code that the supporter sent through.
      Step 3 – Once the QR code is scanned tap “confirm” and then the Erth Points will be automatically sent to the customer, their chosen CCC and Rewards4Earth Foundation.

      If you have an Android:
      Step 1 – Open your Biz App and tap on the “Receive AUD” button.
      Step 2 – Enter in the AUD amount that the supporter paid and tap “Scan QR” and scan the QR code that the supporter sent through.
      Step 3 – Once the QR code is scanned tap “confirm” and then the Erth Points will be automatically sent to the customer, their chosen CCC and Rewards4Earth Foundation.

      Need help with the Erth Points App? Contact our experts via Support Portal at: