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Supporters & Customers

The Basics

Every time a registered supporter makes a purchase from a participating business, that supporter, their nominated club (or NFP) and the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation each receive Erth ™ Points.

Erth ™ points are digital reward points. Erth ™ is a ticker code, like the currency codes seen on foreign exchanges, such as $AUD, £GBP and $USD. Erth ™ points are the way participating businesses reward customers to say thank you for buying from them. Unlike most loyalty points,Erth ™ points, once gifted by the business, are wholly owned by the individual or organisation that receives them – not the business that gives them. That means they can be used however the individual or organisation wants to use them. Erth ™ points can be sold on specialist online exchanges, at the market rate, for local currency.

The Rewards4Earth ™ Philanthropic Foundation is a registered charity with a mandate to repair the planet through partner-led programs. These programs work towards reforestation, ocean rejuvenation, saving endangered species, plastic clean-up and recycling, true clean energy and local causes, such as assisting drought and fire-ravaged areas in Australia. Every time a customer is rewarded for their loyalty with Erth ™ points, the Foundation also earns Erth ™ points. The Foundation sells these points on the open market – to businesses that need to reward customers – creating a continuous funding source for the for organisations that are working to repair the Earth.

The short answer is ‘no’. For compliance purposes, Erth ™ needs a technical expiry date, which is the year 99,999AD (midnight on the 31st of December, to be exact). Exactly one second later, all points will be renewed for another 100,000 years. If anyone today is still alive at that time, we’ll gladly give them $1million worth of points – that’ll make for a happy new year!

Erth ™ points are not like loyalty points tied to a specific company, such as frequent flier points. Once a business gifts Erth ™ points during a transaction, those points are nothing to do with that business any more. If the business closes down, the points it has given remain valid and can be used at any business that accepts them or sold on the exchange for local currency.

Erth ™ points are earned by downloading the Rewards4Earth ™ App, registering your payment card, nominating a club of NFP to support and making a qualifying purchase from any participating business. The transaction happens automatically, within seconds of your purchase being confirmed. Your Erth ™ point balance, shown on your appm will immediately be updated, and that’s the signal to tell you that your club, and the Earth, have also received their share of the reward.

It’s as simple as opening the Rewards4Earth ™ App on your phone and scanning the Business’ QR code. Press ‘Spend Erth ™‘ on your phone and follow the prompts.

Erth ™ points cannot be bought by individuals. They must be gifted by a business to a customer as a purchase reward.

Look for the Rewards4Earth ™ logos in store or check out the search page on the Rewards4Earth ™ App.


Each business decides what percentage of the sale price they want to reward you with. It will vary from business to business, product to product, however, the minimum is 1% and there is no maximum. Higher value products, such as electrical goods, will probably provide a higher percentage than every-day goods, like a cup of coffee. The real benefit comes from ensuring that as many purchases you make as possible all provide some reward, as that’s the way your balance can increase the quickest.

No. As the business does not own the points and the value is set by the market price at any given time, it has no control over the value. This is another key difference ofErth ™ to most other loyalty points. For a business, current Erth ™ value (set by the daily exchange rate) is irrelevant, as they are rewarding a percentage of the sale price, which is in the local currency. As a result, it doesn’t matter whether Erth ™ is trading at $1 or $100, the value of the reward is set by the percentage of the price, not the amount of Erth ™ points.

Yes, you can share Erth ™ points with any of your friends and family that are registered on Rewards4Earth ™ and have the app. It’s a great gift and can also get them into supporting their favourite club and helping repair the Earth.

No, Erth ™ points are free to transfer to family, friends, staff or charities.

You can view your transaction history in the Transaction History section of the app. Your account balance is shown on the home page of your App, and you can even hide this away from prying eyes if you wish, so that other people don’t see how many Erth ™ points you have. If you want to know what the value of an Erth ™ point is, then please go to one of the exchanges or brokers to get the current market price.

Tax and value of Erth ™ points

Erth ™ points will fluctuate in value, the same as anything traded in a free market. Rewards4Earth ™ is not responsible, nor liable, for these fluctuations and does not make any warranties, guarantees, opinions and/or suggestions as to the past, current or future value of Erth ™ points or how their value may behave in the free market.

Yes, you can gift or donate your Erth ™ points directly to the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation or any charity or non-profit organisation that is registered with Rewards4Earth ™.

Individuals cannot purchase Erth ™ points directly. The percentage-of-price reward may already be tax deductible for a business, however this should be checked for each and every individual situation with a qualified tax adviser. Rewards4Earth ™ does not offer tax planning or advice.

Rewards4Earth ™ takes data security extremely seriously. That’s why we have partnered with Oracle Corp, one of the world’s leading enterprise IT companies, to manage all data security and storage. As a registered Oracle partner, Rewards4Earth ™ has access to the Oracle Partner Network, a global network of established business partners. Through this network we have partnered with a global payments processing technology firm that supports over 40,000 firms with payments in excess of $20bn, meaning the overarching technical infrastructure and data processing are in some of the best possible hands.

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The Basics

Most businesses already offer some sort of affiliate incentive system (pay-per-sale) in order to attract customers. This incentive is most often a specific type of deal, and in e-commerce is tracked through links the customer clicks on their way to a purchase. Rewards4Earth ™ uses the same principles and makes them simpler. A business registered with Rewards4Earth ™ simply sets the percentage reward for different products. When the customer purchases any of these products using their registered card, Rewards4Earth ™ technology tracks the purchase and automatically gifts the customer, their nominated club or cause and the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation the appropriate value of Erth ™ points. The business is invoiced the cost of the Erth ™ purchase at the time of transaction. This is a much more precise and secure pay-per-sale model as it is tracked through the payment processing technology, not a third-party link tracker, which requires greater checking and validation.

This is a discretionary choice for the business, and may be considered for future Rewards4Earth ™ release stages, depending on demand. The app currently does not support this.

Once a business registers it will have permission to use the Rewards4Earth ™ logo. We will provide physical Rewards4Earth ™ branded materials so that in-store customers are made aware. These can be specified depending on the business’s requirements.

Businesses have access to several free-to-use marketing tools within the app. These include a listing in the local directory, local search exposure based on category or product needed, geo-location services and free push notification services to opted-in VIP customers. These services are designed to be user-centric, yet add significant real-time, geo-targeted marketing value to businesses.

This will depend on the business in question, however, due to the technology running the system, a business will be able to report how much of its reward has reached the R4E Foundation.


It is free for clubs, NFPs, businesses or supporters to join Rewards4Earth ™. Our beloved clubs and favourite causes benefit when as many people and businesses as possible are participating. It’s also going to be a great way for everyone to easily play their part in repairing the planet.

All the digital marketing tools available to businesses are free. This includes listing on the directory, local search function, geo-location services and push notifications to opted-in VIP customers.

There are no fees to businesses, supporters or clubs and causes. The system is completely free to use. After all, we are doing this to save our clubs and repair the planet.


Yes, a business can change the percentage at any time, as long as it is 1% or more of the purchase price. For example, a business could change their gift from 1% or 20% for a special offer at any time and then back again when the offer has finished. The amount of Erth ™ points rewarded will depend on the price of the good or service, the percentage reward and the market rate of the day.

No, the value of Erth ™ points is set by the market. This is the key difference – and benefit – between Erth ™ and traditional loyalty points. The forces of supply and demand influence the price of Erth ™ points, so they can therefore rise or fall. This is the main reason businesses must reward a percentage of the sale price, not a fixed number of points, so that the system remains fair for all.

No, as anything less than 1% is unlikely to be enough of an incentive and therefore ineffective in driving a sale and generating a reward. Nobody benefits.

Once a business has registered with Rewards4Earth ™ the technology behind the payment gateway and app automatically allocates the correct value of Erth ™ points to the supporter, the supporter’s nominated club or cause and the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation.

Business benefits

A business that is part of Rewards4Earth ™ will be instantly more attractive a club’s, charity’s or any NFP good cause’s supporters. This is because supporters are triple-incentivised: they earn rewards for themselves, their club and to help repair the planet. The built-in digital marketing tools are another benefit, making businesses easier to find when relevant customers are looking, and give the opportunity to build stronger customer relationships.

Customers want to feel valued and appreciated. According to a KMPG report, loyal customers account for 85% of a business’ growth. With Rewards4Earth ™ and Erth ™ points you’ll be not only gifting your customers something of tangible value, but you will also be making them feel good when they know they are helping to save their favourite club or cause and help repair planet.

The Erth ™ point system is a completely new concept – there is nothing like it with such a triple benefit, nor has there ever been. There are a lot of unknowns as a result. We won’t know how people feel until the system grows and adoption increases, however as supporters and their nominated causes will be receiving the points as rewards, coupled with the philanthropic nature of the allocation, we beleive the vast majority of people will accept the system for the broader purpose it is trying to achieve.

That’ll most likely be an individual preference. However, for businesses, Rewards4Earth ™ is a new way to market to their customers. It doesn’t need to replace existing marketing tools – in fact, it can happily operate alongside other tactics. For example, if the reward is a percentage of the price, then a discounted price generates a smaller reward. While a business can calculate the dual marketing cost of such a promotion, to ensure it is still profitable, the customer may perceive this as a double benefit, potentially encouraging them to complete the sale.