is the Economic Solution to our Environmental Problems.

The inspiration originally came from wanting to help people get into their first home earlier, something they can now do by earning Erth Points. Then seeing millions of people protesting about global warming, cutting down rainforests, plastic in the oceans, I could see the problem, but I also saw they had NO strategy or plan to fix the problem. That made me think about who can solve the problems. Governments can’t, their only solution is more taxes and bureaucracy, if that is the solution, we are all doomed. Big business isn’t going to fix it either, because they have to put shareholders first, not the planet. So, what we need is a customer-driven strategy, every business needs customers, and if customers demand Erth Points whenever they spend their money, then businesses will pay to happen so they can make sales. Once enough Customers demand Erth Points, part of every sale from every business to every customer in the world can go to Help Save the Planet.

Well, if they’d solved the issue, we wouldn’t need to be here talking about it. So in my view, they haven’t solved it and are struggling to get enough funding to fix problems of this scale. What we’re talking about with Erth Points is a small percentage from every sale, from potentially every business to every customer in the world. So we won’t have to go to governments to fund it. We won’t have to go to people to fund it. It happens naturally. There has never been a system in the world like this that can get that sort of funding and put all of it towards helping both local communities and the Planet.

Marketing and advertising are one of the most profitable industries in the world, Google and Facebook alone are worth $3Trillion US and make about $300Billion US per year in profits. That’s before you look at all the other digital marketing companies, the advertising agencies, TV Stations, Radio Stations, Newspapers and all the other organisations that earn from advertising and marketing.  Our strategy is, the marketing revenue will fund all the expenses of the Foundation, meaning that 100 per cent of the money received by the charity goes to where it is supposed to go. The aim is to have not one cent go to the Foundation’s administration. The marketing company pays for all administration, using revenue generated by the ongoing commercial marketing ecosystem.

The Erth Point system enables Supporters to choose whether they want to Help Save the Planet and support their favourite ECO or, not. They can choose to spend their money, at businesses that support their favourite ECO and want to Help Save the Planet, or they can spend their money at Businesses that don’t, and it all comes back to which Businesses offer Erth Points. After all, every Business and every customer takes from the Planet, and why would anyone want to shop at a Business that does not want to give back to the Planet? Now with Erth Points, we all can easily have the information needed to make that decision an easy one. VIVA le Erth Points.

Saying it is a WIN-WIN is understating the concept as it is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN strategy, that’s five groups that WIN with Erth Points. The Supporter WIN’s every time they collect Erth Points, and they can get a better deal at Businesses. The Business WIN’s as it gets a customer and a sale and only has to PAY-per-SALE and the CLICKS are FREE. The CCC WIN’s whenever one of their Supporters earns Erth Points enabling them to monetise their loyalty. The Erth Ambassador WIN’s whenever a Business or Supporter in their network earns Erth Points. Planet Earth WIN’s whenever Erth Points are earned anywhere in the world. Show me another loyalty system that can do that? Plus we are happy to work alongside any and all loyalty point systems, we don’t ask for exclusivity.

Let’s be blunt, all Businesses want more sales and they all want a better bang for their buck, or in this case more sales for their marketing dollar.

We recommend all Businesses use whatever advertising and marketing system that gets them results. We suggest that Erth Points will actually work better when used with other forms of marketing. The big advantage of the Erth Point system is OPM – Other Peoples Marketing – ECO’s marketing to be specific. As an example – a restaurant may have 500 customers over a month, but the club across the road may have 10,000 Supporters, by the Club informs its Supporters they can earn Erth Points when they eat at the restaurant. The Restaurant rewards the Club, the Customer and it did not cost the Restaurant or the Club anything until the Restaurant happily paid for receiving a Customer.